Beer alcoholism - symptoms

Beer alcoholism - symptoms

Many people do not carry beer to harmful drinks, including its harmless for health. Such relation to beer leads to the fact that the number of the people having beer alcoholism around the world grows.

In comparison with vodka or cognac beer contains smaller percent of alcohol. However it does not mean that it is safer. Usually beer is used in much bigger quantities, than vodka, as results in dependence.

The half-liter bottle of vodka contains the same amount of alcohol, as in 50 g of vodka. Therefore the use of three bottles of beer in day is quite capable to lead to alcohol addiction.

Symptoms and symptoms of beer alcoholism

Symptoms of beer alcoholism prove not so brightly as symptoms of dependence on vodka. Distinguish two stages of development of beer alcoholism:

  1. Initial stage. At this stage of people does not realize the dependence yet, do not see it and people around. The dose of the consumption of beer reaches 4-6 bottles a week.
  2. Addiction to beer. At this stage of people cannot do without beer small bottle. In day of people drinks 2-4 bottles of beer. This drink helps it to feel more vigorously, more joyfully, more actively.

As beer alcoholism develops more slowly usual, by the time of the address to the narcologist such people have more started appearance, than ordinary alcoholics. Such belong to external symptoms of beer alcoholism:

  • excess weight, existence of a pot-belly which and is called – a pothouse;
  • the body loses smartness, becomes friable;
  • there are dark bags under eyes;
  • the person gets a bluish shade;
  • breath becomes heavy, noisy, short wind develops;
  • from the person the smell of acetone or soaked apples proceeds that speaks about violation of activity of a pancreas and the increased sugar level in blood;
  • the physical activity decreases.

Important symptom of beer alcoholism at men is acquisition of female lines in shape, growth of mammary glands, decrease in potency. It is of replacement of men's hormones under the influence of beer with women's the result.

At men distinguish such from symptoms of beer alcoholism:

  • without beer of people it cannot relax or be adjusted for work;
  • if the person did not drink some beer since morning, he feels irritability and shows aggression;
  • it is difficult to fall asleep at night, and drowsiness is felt in the afternoon;
  • since the morning there is desire to drink a glass of beer;
  • the person cannot live without beer day, at the same time the thirst for this drink gets out of hand;
  • continuous increase in amount of the drunk beer;
  • loss of interest in habitual occupations and hobby if there is no beer;
  • severe headaches and diarrhea at a long absence of an opportunity to freshen the nip.

Unlike common alcoholism the beer alcoholism has no hard drinkings. As the person drinks beer high doses systematically, it is possible to tell that he constantly is in a condition of hard drinking.

Symptoms of female beer alcoholism are generally similar to symptoms of men's. But there are such differences:

  • women, dependent on beer, become more irritable and emotionally unbalanced;
  • such women are inclined to frequent hysterics;
  • apathy, isolation, depressions are peculiar to them;
  • decrease in sexual inclination.

Female beer alcoholism is treated much more difficult than men's and has more serious consequences. Therefore it is better for women to be limited to the minimum doses of beer. However concerning appearance of alcoholism a threat is posed by not a single high dose of the drunk beer, and daily consumption of this drink even in the minimum quantities. Systematic intake of beer leads to emergence of psychological and physiological dependence.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team