Behavior of the child with strangers

Behavior of the child with strangers

Unfortunately, statistics of kidnapping inevitably grows. As a rule, it is rather difficult to find that stranger who encroached on your child. If everything occurred without eyewitnesses. Whether parents can prevent a similar situation somehow? How will protect the kid from foreign people?

The main thing - knowledge of how to behave with strangers on the street depends on parents. Here what each parent has to train the child in.

First of all, explain to the kid that it is impossible to talk to strangers. And especially to tell the name and a home address. Either not to answer in general, or to say that parents do not resolve.

If the stranger calls to go with him, it is impossible to agree at all. What there was.Kind of events were not developed, gets into someone else's car it is impossible. In case of attempts to force the child to get into the car, let he loudly shouts and kicks.

It is impossible to take anything from strangers. Even if it will be some sweets.

The stranger can catch for the child in the deserted place. In attempt to start talking, it is necessary to leave urgently to the place of a bigger congestion of the people.

When the kid suspects that behind him the person unfamiliar to it was coordinated, he has to address someone from adults and explain a situation.

In night-time it is better to move on streets on which sufficient lighting. If the way is necessary on the dark section of the road, once itself finds maintenance - it can be friends or someone from adults. It is desirable the woman.

Parents always have to be aware of your location and possible plans.

The child should not allow strangers to touch himself.

In case of obvious danger it is possible to begin to shout. If it seemed to the child that the stranger means ill in him the party, then he can always apologize then. It is better to be reinsured once again.

Protect the child from walks on solitudes, the wood, building, the abandoned buildings. Keep in mind that villains do not attempt upon groups of children.

You as the responsible parent, have to understand that safety of your child depends on observance of these rules. You have to inform of them the child. And to you will be quieter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team