Behavioural psychology

Behavioural psychology

What surrounds us that occurred at us in life, defines also our type of behavior. Only thanks to these events we become those whom is now.

Behavioural psychology – (behaviorism) the psychological direction that relies on studying the reasons of difficulties of the person and various problems which are connected with the fact that the person in adverse circumstances took for himself the wrong or even inadequate form of behavior that, naturally, brings sufferings to it and surrounding society. These actions, lines of conduct promote developing of phobias, the various panic attacks.

What to all fault?

Why does that happen? Everything is very simple, the behavioural psychology is put in the childhood and the person is given birth with a certain set of behavioural installations. Our family invests own ideas of life in our genetics, thereby creates the behavioural principles by which it is necessary to be guided at any given situation in our heads. Movies, authorities bring behavioural stereotypes in our heads. On this subject there is enough researches that was opened by certain approaches to problems and new rules of assessment.

Behavioural approach in psychology

Behavioural approach in psychology considers behavior as an object of research. This method arose on the basis of mechanical determinism of Charles Darwin that means behavior as interaction of physical ph. Darwin in the experiments proved that the behavior of living beings is a connection of both external, and internal manifestations. I. Pavlov's concept according to which behaviorism − behavioural psychology which opposes consciousness to behavior where the last was reduced only to motive reactions to the external environment is also interesting. Followers of this concept introduced amendments in it over time.

Cognitive psychology

One more direction of this science of this type is the cognitive behavioural psychology which proves that the reasons of our negative emotions and negative consequences of certain situations is not the situation, our actions and behavior, and public opinion and assessment of those events. We subconsciously are afraid of it. An example it is possible to call a situation of which after dismissal one person will despair and will think that it is not worthy nothing the best, and another, will decide that it is impossible to work with such petty tyrant chief and only the best will hope. Here so two solutions and two types of cognitive behavior get out of one situation.

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