Big age difference of lovers: a look from the man

Big age difference of lovers: a look from the man

Big age difference - quite habitual phenomenon if it is about the young girl and the mature man. However happens and vice versa - more often ladies meet in men much more young than and even marry them. People react to it differently, young partners have the view of a situation.

The age difference in ten-fifteen years and more is considered considerable. Each case when the young man meets the woman is much more senior, is individual. At each couple the addictions and motives, the feelings. But in general it is possible to select several main scenarios of the similar relations.

Sometimes people can not realize why pulls them to any given person even.

It should be notedIt should be noted that the motivation differs in cases when people meet without serious obligations and when they decide to get married. So, one of classical the situation when the guy of 18-20 years meets the girl or the woman several years more senior is considered and gets with it the first experience of the sexual and romantic relations. Guys aged (on average) up to 25 years sometimes like to meet women of 30-40 years as in these intervals the sexual needs of that and others approximately coincide. It is considered that at men the peak of sexual activity is the share of age of 18-25 years, and at women the sexuality completely blossoms only by 30 years. For this reason intimate relations with age-mates can not always satisfy men and women. The relaxedness and confidence of the woman, her understanding of the desires, knowledge of the body, more courageous behavior and the smaller number of the bans, than at very young girls can also attract young guys.

In the psychological plan of young men in women is more senior different things can attract, here everything depends on the man. If the guy early matured, achieved success and has many interests, can be uninteresting to it with female coevals if to it does not carry to find the same developed girl. And then he will look for an outlet in the woman is more senior to which will be about what to talk.

One more option - the guy economic, has desire to start a family and to bring children. Not each young girl is ready to it. In this case the guy can meet with the woman is more senior, perhaps, with that which already has the child. How she behaves with the child, it is possible to understand what she is a mother. In such couple of partners will unite general plans, ability to organize life, psychological comfort and the general vital values. Other type of guys - those who, on the contrary, did not ripen for responsibility yet or got used to be guided by authoritative mother. Such guy wants care from the woman, to some extent maternal, and to him it can be convenient in the household plan that she fulfills so-called female duties - prepares for it, erases and demands very little. Happens and so that the woman who took place in the professional plan helps the young lover with work or with business creation, gives to it wise vital advice, loads it with self-confidence.

If the young man is not ready to become a father yet, to him can be comfortable with the woman who already has the child from other man and does not demand children from it.

Separate category - creative people or those who are united by some general interest, business, hobby or calling. It can be both music, and spirituality, and passion for travel, extreme sports. When the person entirely gives himself to some business and at it remains a little free time, sometimes it is difficult to it to construct the harmonious relations and to meet understanding of the partner. In this case the union with the person with similar hobby can be a successful exit, and the age is not important here. In such couple the young man can appreciate the woman as the personality and that it took place in area which is interesting to him. For example, the musician can admire the singer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team