Black color in psychology

Black color in psychology

Long ago it is noticed that people initially prefer clothes of various flowers. Moreover, color preferences of the interlocutor will help to disclose character imperceptibly for its owner. So, what color is chosen by your opponent? And what designates, for example, black color? Most of office workers carry it.

Value of black color

So, that black color means? The psychology of black color is based on feeling of a consolation, feeling of a secret, adoption of infinity, and is also connected with inexhaustible female force. This color from time immemorial was the most mysterious, in the majority of religions it carries symbolics of death, grief.

Moreover, black in psychology can mean expression of a protest, aggression and even negativism. However characteristics of black color say that the person preferring black can quietly transfer deprivations, and is also able to limit the claims.

In psychology it is considered to be that the fan of black color needs to feel protected, closed from the outside world. Most often, such persons make an impression of self-assured people, but it at all not so.

Shortcomings of people, whose favourite color – black

It is possible to carry to shortcomings of fans of this color that they rather often are in dejectedness, the depression at such persons has long character. Besides, black color symbolizes destructiveness and at the same time emptiness.

Therefore black color which value means also authoritativeness can become for you a signal that your interlocutor – the person selfish which for achievement of the purpose will not shun to use low blows.

The dignity of those who choose this color

It is possible to carry to positive characteristics of such people that they are able to use force for achievement of the purpose. Of course, it belongs also to minuses, however for the owner this quality can be positive, it is very important to know presently that really you wish. And, besides, black color in psychology says that the fan of this color is able to show persistence and persistence on the solution of any problem.

There is one more important merit of admirers of all black – creation. Black color – is two-faced therefore if you like black color, try to use its positive influence on you. For example, black color in psychology says that, putting on clothes of such color, mentally feel force which you are filled, try to adjust yourself on a creative wave. However if you suddenly understand that all begins to irritate around and you are covered by desire something to destroy, maybe, makes sense to change a black suit for lighter?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team