Body language: how to learn whether the man lies to you

Body language: how to learn whether the man lies to you

Researches show that from 70 to 90 percent of our contacts - nonverbal. Let's find out what is actually told by the man when communicates with you.


1. How to become the lie detector Language of a body is a reflex. Scientists found out that everything that we feel, first of all is shown in the limbic system of a brain, and only through several nanoseconds in our consciousness. That is gestures and gestures are and there is the truth. At first sight to become the lie detector very simply, only and it is necessary to know what what gesture means. However even the most highly qualified specialists will be able to define point of physical reactions only to 60%. To increase chances, it is correct to read language of a body of your man, it is necessary to look how he behaves in Wednesday, natural to it, to consider bad lighting, the number of the drunk glasses of champagne and many other factors. In other words to look narrowly at the elect as it is possible more fixedly. Only after that you will be able to define his behavior when "something goes not so". Ask the man a simple question, for example, whom he wanted to become in the childhood. And after he will relax, estimate his behavior on four levels: comfort, situation, sequence, combination.

2. As far as to it it is comfortable? First of all estimate, to how comfortably his body. YES: Inclines to you, a torso and a foot are developed in the direction convenient for visual contact. Is NOT PRESENT: Turns away from you, hands are hidden, or looks at you, but constantly looks away.

3. What is told by its pose? Situation: Fidgets, avoids long visual contact, is nervous? It is normal on the first appointment. Leaned back back, having crossed hands on a breast? Your man does not wish to participate in a conversation. But, perhaps, in cafe where you sit, just very cold. Before you are able to interpret gestures, estimate a situation. Sequence: Its actions have to correspond to words. If he says that he perfectly spends time with you, but looks at an exit or speaks ""yes"", but swings the head - it is bad omens. Combination: The majority of gestures are better read in a combination with each other. If the man just avoids to speak about the being — you should not worry. But if after a question of why they dispersed, your interlocutor begins to knock a hand on a knee, to look aside, to grab a neck, to touch a nose, lobes of ears — take care, here something not so!

4. His real smile? Look whether the smile of his look concerned? The false smile will affect only lips whereas the real smile leaves tiny wrinkles which, according to experts, cannot almost be forged at eyes. Expanded nostrils indicate a nose increase in warm reductions. It can mean that the man is angry or is sexually excited. Perhaps, both at the same time. The torso of People is inclined to look towards the interest. If the man, at a conversation with you, turns away, its attention means it is concentrated not on you.

5. Observe for stupnyam the People say that eyes are a window to the soul. But experts are sure that they of a foot will tell you about true intentions of the man. Everything is very simple: if foot point to you, you - an object of its attention. If towards a door - mentally it already abandoned you.

6. Hands If hands of the man lie on a table and are turned by palms up - it is sign of tranquility and open interest. To the contrary, the hands of the interlocutor hidden under a table - the sign that to it is what to hide, or your elect just is nervous.

7. Touches So we are arranged: we want to touch what is pleasant to us. If the man tries to touch your hand, to support for a waist, do not doubt — he is obviously interested by you. On the contrary, the gesture when the man hid hands for a back, directly hints you "Close do not approach!" Legs If the man sits, having widely placed legs, he feels like a master of the situation. If his legs are crossed, pay attention where the leg lying from above is turned: on you or in the opposite direction?

8. All know eyes - when the person lies, he tries to hide eyes. Thorough liars know this axiom better than others and try not to give themselves in any way. Also lie, looking directly in eyes. Pay attention to that how often your interlocutor blinks. The normal person blinks from 6 to 10 times a minute. Blinking — sign that you are deceived is more frequent.

9. Listen carefully Ask a direct question and listen. The man can evade the direct question and will tell something in style: "I am a good guy. Really you suspect I it is capable?". Or on the contrary will answer with a large number of details and details. Remember, and in that and other case he tries to spend you.

10. Your language of a body you Hold your body opened and weakened. If you want to make an impression on the man, be his mirror: bend to it when it bends to you, raise a glass along with it, imitate its gestures, copy tone of a voice. So he will feel that you are very similar, are "on one wave".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team