Body psychology

Body psychology

The psychology of a body allows to find a lot of interesting information on the person, just analyzing its pose, gestures, a mimicry, etc. Nonverbal communication happens at the subconscious level, that is the person does not control the actions.

Image and language of a body in psychology

To completely control the mimicry and the movements of a body units can. In most cases it is possible to tell real feelings from the face. For example, if during the conversation the interlocutor hides a look, so he hides something, and the cramped eyebrows indicate tension. Body language in psychology is shown also in gestures of hands which can confirm or completely disprove sense, the told words.

The description in psychology of some movements of a body:

  1. The person goes, having stooped and very slowly, so he does something against the will.
  2. The crossed hands indicate breasts that the person appeared in an unpleasant situation.
  3. The interlocutor winds hair on a finger – it or is nervous, or it is boring for it.
  4. The crossed legs on calves demonstrate that put pressure upon the person.
  5. The interlocutor gnaws nails, so he inside strained or feels diffidence.
  6. The put-forward chin – an aggression signal.

Psychology of diseases of a body

Representatives of both official, and traditional medicine are interested in a subject for a long time – as emotions and internal state of the person affects health. It is considered that each part of a body reacts to thoughts and emotions.

Examples of communication of a disease and emotions:

  • allergy – a protest against something;
  • arthritis – a thought that nobody loves you;
  • varicosity – inability to relax or stay in an unpleasant situation;
  • gastritis – irritation or anger;
  • heartburn – fear.

This information can be useful when doctors cannot find the reason or cure different diseases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team