Body youth in the corporal focused psychotherapy

Body youth in the corporal focused psychotherapy

Each person has several age which can differ from true, biological:

The first age – subjective on which the person feels.

The second – objective which people around give to the person.

The third – psychological. It is closely connected with a personal maturity and ability to accept responsibility for itself(himself) and other people.

The fourth – intellectual. It depends on ability to solve difficult intellectual tasks.

And the fifth – physical. It is age of our body which imprinted in appearance, in a muscular tone and the constitution. It is reflected in the nature of movements and manners.

Researches speak about that, as men, and women tend to faster physical and to an obsolescence. Here is how it is explained by the corporal focused psychotherapy: the tendency to experience of negative emotions, inability to release the experiences, the memory of vital crises and psychological injuries is fixed in their body. It becomes their prison behind which they do not see light, joy and pleasures. They seldom laugh because they do not see the reasons for fun and consider it destiny of small innocent children. Their body trusts them and grows old ahead of time. But it wants to be young and live, joyful and warm, free from fetters!

And how many years to your body?

Check it in three ways:

  1. Pinch yourself for the brush back within 5 seconds and look for what time skin will gain equal color and usual smoothness again:
  • 5 seconds – you are about 30 years old;
  • 8 seconds – you are about 40 years old;
  • 10 seconds – you are about 50 years old;
  • more than 14 seconds – you are about 60 years old.
  1. Get up directly and bend forward. If you can concern a floor:
  • palms – you are from 20 to 30 years old;
  • finger-tips – you are nearly 40 years old;
  • reached only ankles – to you already 50;
  • only to knees – you are 60 years old.
  1. Get up without support, close eyes and raise one leg. If you can stay, without leaning on it:
  • it is more than 30 seconds – you are 20 years old;
  • only 20 seconds – to you in 30 years;
  • only 15 seconds – to you are more than 40 years;
  • only 10 seconds – to you for 50;
  • it is less than 10 seconds – you are more senior than 60 years.

How to a body to look younger?

If your age appeared more biological – give to a body more movement. Also pay attention to exercises which develop flexibility, form a good extension. When at the corporal level feelings of slight stretching are perceived, the brain understands it as growth signal. So, the body will not grow old – time it grows, it is still young. Only be not overzealous, do not tear a muscle, do not injure yourself. Pain and prolixity are different things and if your body suffers, you not from it will become younger. From your occupations to a body it has to be good, but it is not sick.

You do not stretch out if you never did it. Make such weakening complex:

  1. Get up directly, you look before yourself. Slowly raise hands up and link fingers over the head. Stretch hands and the top of the head up, last a neck, all trunk.
  2. Now, without lowering a hand, slowly bend in one party, then in another.
  3. Become straight. Smoothly conduct hands through the head down, after them be bent, reach for a floor. Clasp ankles, relax.
  4. Part widely legs, deliver to a palm on a floor so that it was convenient to you in this pose, and again stay in the weakened state.
  5. Lay down, be extended, pull socks back, and fingers – forward. Have a rest.
  6. Tighten hands to yourself, lean on palms and raise a breast over a floor. Turn back through the left shoulder back, look at the right leg. Now turn back and look at the left leg through the right shoulder.
  7. Again rise to the feet, but do not become straight at once, repeat a pose with hands, the leaning palms on a floor.
  8. Now clasp with ankle hands again, stretch slightly down.
  9. Link hands, slowly raise them over the head, becoming straight.
  10. Repeat smooth inclinations.
  11. Again stretch up.
  12. Lower hands down. Have a rest.

This complex is designed to weaken and stretch all muscles of a body, but at the beginning it will be difficult for you as if you at a heavy training. You watch that all movements were carried out quietly and smoothly. Be engaged regularly, and you will become more vigorous and younger, will strain and derive more pleasure less.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team