Books how to keep family

Books how to keep family

The psychology of the family relations – a difficult subject, and each book which tells about how to keep family and love of the loved one opens only a look of the author, one side of the problem. To get acquainted with a problem as much as possible fully, it is useful to read several books.

"Men from Mars, Women from Venus"

The author of the book is John Gray. It is the book best-seller which saved a set of marriages from the full crash. The author very bright and figurative language could explain that men and women really very different and often the root of misunderstanding is not that they do not love each other or belong without attention, and that they are just different. Very different. People from two different planets! They so differently can see some things that it is simply amazing as in general though in something understand each other. This book is very useful to those who think that with the partner in marriage it is possible to reach ideal mutual understanding.

"Femininity charm"

The author is Helen Andelin. One more best-seller which saved not the smaller number of families from stains than the first book. In our uneasy time when women often take the lead and try to make as much as possible decisions in family, men quite often feel out of work. It becomes the reason of the hidden, but constantly developing tension which leads to crisis over time. For many women happens it is useful to revise features of the behavior, the woman is a traditional keeper of the family center.

"Games which people play"

And the second book – "People Who Play Games", the author - Eric Burn. These are fundamental psychological works about human relationship, both books belong to the main textbooks on classical psychology. Nevertheless they are read quite easily and very interesting are even for those people who do not seek to promote in area of permission of interpersonal dramas, and would like to be limited only to own wellbeing. Eric Burn's theory that one of his subpersons is the cornerstone of behavior of each person (the parent, the adult and the child) gave rise to the system of the transaktny analysis which allows to sort specific situations between people, to reveal where one or second partner is mistaken and to define the direction for work on itself. These books also offer something like the universal collection of effective solutions for any interpersonal problem which apply millions of people around the world.

"Seven skills of highly effective people"

The author is Stephen Kovi. Can seem that this book is far from family psychology, but it only at first sight. Seldom happens that in family there were serious problems without between partners there would be no deep contradictions. To realize the direction of development of the life and to find out what your purposes, this book approaches as well as possible. People who realize why they to them family and what it is necessary to aspire for development of the relations to, will hardly quarrel on trifles. This book will allow to raise not only own efficiency, but also efficiency from any relationship including from family.

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