Books on personnel management

Books on personnel management

For the good head the personnel are ready to go to fire and water. If you want to adjust work in the team, it is necessary to find approach to subordinates and to build strong and trusting relationship with each of them. It is correct to operate personnel at all not so easily as can seem, it is a little simple to organize collective (and it is very ill-matched), with workers it is necessary to communicate, be a source of motivation and support constantly. We picked up the best books for personnel management for those who wish to learn this art.

Top-10 books about personnel management bases

  1. Lead people, David Novak. There is nothing more valuably, than experience of people who already made significant progress, using the technique of work with subordinates. David Novak manages huge restaurant network and will organize more than one million people. His book is ideal for the beginning heads, contains a set of useful tips and hints.
  2. War for talents, Edward Michaels. If you want to have the best of the best in the team, then this book is obligatory for reading. A question even not in how to find the talented employee, and in how to open and develop talents at those who already work for you. This book about psychology of personnel management is necessary by the way to those heads who want to develop creative thinking at personnel.
  3. Matsusita's leadership. Lessons of the giving-out businessman, John P. Kotter. Konosuke Matsusita was one of the most outstanding businessmen, he started from scratch, working alone, created huge corporation. Matsusita's biography describes not only the businessman's life, you will find his own methods of management of personnel in the book.
  4. Leadership. Golden rules of Donald Trump, Donald Trump. The world famous businessman publishes the most useful books on personnel management. This time he decided to share secrets of motivation of personnel and wrote the whole book how to become the true leader and to hold the positions. But Trump did not forget to tell also about the back of a medal of such leadership.
  5. Talented employees. Education and training are in good spirits dao Toyota, Jeffrey Layker. Here you will find accurate instructions how effectively to operate people. Thus work of heads in the Toyta company is carried out. They do not spend time for search of talents, they are able to receive the necessary result from any employees.
  6. Management of the conflict. What to do if you faced the outstanding promises deceived by expectations and aggressive behavior, Joseph Grenni. Problem situations can arise in any collective, and the good head is able to smooth them. This book will teach you to resolve the conflicts with advantage, without losing employees.
  7. Drive. What actually motivates us, Daniel Pink. Each head knows that workers who have no motivation work not rather effectively. Many consider that money – the best motivation for personnel, however Daniel Pink thinks differently. In the book he in detail told how to impart to personnel love for work.
  8. Management of team: how to force others to do that it is necessary for you, James Lewis. This book will teach you to effective management of personnel, in it the author tells about how to develop qualities without which not to do the head.
  9. Emotional leadership. Management skill people on the basis of emotional intelligence, Daniel Goulman. To set the necessary spirit every day and to keep in team a pleasant emotional background even in hard times each good head has to be able. This book will tell about how it is correct to play on positive emotions of personnel.
  10. Remote. The office is not obligatory, Jason Frayd. Today remote work becomes more and more popular. If you want to operate competently the employees working at home this book will appear as it is impossible by the way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team