Burning out syndrome

Burning out syndrome

Burning out syndrome – rather often met problem in the modern world. More and more people complain that they are in a constant stress, often feel disappointment and helplessness. Many at least once in life felt that they have no forces any more. Such state means that the person is in a condition of emotional burning out.

Causes and effects of a syndrome of emotional burning out

Most often the similar problem arises at the person because of the strengthened work. Workers who constantly contact to people, for example, of the teacher, doctors, caseworkers are subject to the greatest risk.

As all people different at everyone the problem can be expressed in own way, generally, it is possible to mark out several signs which are found most often.

Symptoms of a syndrome of mental burning out:

  • fatigue and fast fatigue;
  • problems with a dream;
  • regular pains in a back, a breast and the head;
  • work seems waste of time;
  • loss of interest in the events around;
  • there is an impression that everything only worsens;
  • feeling of loneliness, depression, annoyance, etc.

One of the main investigations of a syndrome of emotional burning out – its distribution on different spheres. As a result there are problems in social and family life. Besides, such state negatively affects that as a result can lead to appearance of different diseases health.

Treatment of a syndrome of emotional burning out

Rehabilitation is generally directed to disposal of a stressful state. It is recommended to go on the vacation and to restore forces. Spend time for finding balance between work and rest. Fill life with positive things.

Prevention of a syndrome of emotional burning out

It is better to prevent a problem, than to get rid of it. Find for yourself a way of relaxation. It can be meditation, favourite music, etc. Adhere to a healthy diet and regularly play sports. You appreciate the time and surely leave a little for rest.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team