Care or hyper guardianship?

Care or hyper guardianship?

Parents always want all the best for the child. It concerns also things: toys, clothes, books – everything is chosen carefully and with love. Also carefully parents choose to the child food, places for walks, rest. Then parents begin to choose to the child friends and hobbies … Possibly several options of further development of such events.

Perhaps, parents really very sensitive, responding and guessing without words all desires of the child. Then no problems and oppositions will exist. Parents in that case offer the child exactly that he also wishes. But it is option rather ideal, in life it does not meet, at least because of inability of people to read each other mind.

Quite it can turn out so that parents will manage to break simply the child that he did not show discontent with the choice or the decision of parents. And superficially everything can quite resemble idyll. Parents are happy and quiet, the child is obedient and successful exactly as parents imagine it. But the person grateful to parents will not grow up from such child strong, strong-willed and courageous, successful and happy with life. Most likely he will be uncertain and not able to make any decisions. He will be deeply unfortunate, but will not dare to tell about it to anybody.

And maybe in a different way. In the childhood the child really owing to the small years and lack of the long-term vital goals will follow the tastes of parents. With pleasure to visit the circles and sections chosen by parents, to spend a free time as parents will solve. But at once, which it is difficult to call fine, everything will change. As a rule, it occurs at teenage age. When the child begins to demand freedom, independence and independence. And parents are often not ready to such changes. Anyway parents should remember that the child – the certain independent personality. And the fact that the child depends on parents does not grant to them yet the right to operate every moment of his children's life.

The child – not a doll and not the puppet. Sooner or later he will grow up, he will have the family and he should turn into the status of the adult. It is impossible to sponsor the child more, than it is necessary for its safety. Owing to the age and small experience the child can sometimes not realize threats to the health or even life – here parents have to act firmly and resolutely. Really, you should not provide to the child independently to solve: to put fingers in the socket or not. But if nothing threatens it, then parents have to push the desires and ambitions into the background. It is necessary to get used to a role of the adviser, but not managing director.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team