Causes of a divorce

Causes of a divorce

Statistically got married to fall on the majority twice the bigger number of divorces. Why it occurs? Whether young people are guilty of the business or the contribution to a divorce is added by families with one and on the other hand?

Not always. However there are exceptions. It is extremely heavy to live in other family, especially it concerns new daughters-in-law. It was since ancient times led that the wife moves to the husband. But not all moving are long. In new family the rules, the traditions, the charter which the daughter-in-law has to observe. If she refuses and something does not so, there can be family discord or a divorce.

You were lucky if you learned elements of joint family life and you have no child. In case you had a child, prepare, the ex-husband will remind of the existence, and your mother-in-law will machinate and try to manipulate you through your child.

Divorce with the alcoholic, the compulsive gambler, the addict. In this case the divorce is the best way. Statistically the divorce is easier postponed by women, than men. Men in most cases become an inveterate drunkard, come back to ex-wives, but only in case they accept them back.

Treason as a right way to a divorce. It is necessary to tell that all of us are different. Because of own distinctions there are men of effeminate behavior, and there are muskulinny girls. As a result and that, and that can be seen on streets of the modern cities, and contrasts have properties to be attracted and the effeminate guy is the share of each muskulinny girl. A question why and why we change - it is experiments in intimate life, the partner apostate tries to have new feelings because the present partner something does not triple it.

Alteration of the person is a frequent phenomenon of modern life. Especially now, when rather young girls marry already divorced men. That attracts them: experience or training whether girls pay attention to the causes of a divorce? We think that is not present – these girls look for support and force in these men, they aged as well as their fathers. They look for the father whose love in enough they received less in the childhood. Guys on the contrary - look for mother who will care for them. First of all, such modifications in society are connected with the new status of women – the woman and the breadwinner of money, and the keeper of the center. Thus, the female can quite deprive of men of their direct appointment – gettings of means of livelihood.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team