Causes of a stress

Causes of a stress

Men as well as women, are subject to a stress, but they have it heavier and the reason for that - a number of emotional and psychological and physiological differences. For example, more emotional opportunities, and to young people – physical are peculiar to ladies. It is noticed that educated persons who receive the high salary, often, suffer from stressful blows.

Nature and causes of a stress

Unlike disturbing or a depression, the stress passes only with the reason which served its emergence. So, if the man at work was "presented" with portion of a stress, then during the holiday it gets rid of it.

Stress in a small amount – often meeting, everyday occurrence. It is inevitable, and, fortunately, is harmless, but the excessive tension of forces is capable to create a big problem for the person.

It is important to note that the stress is natural reaction of a human body to the irritating factors and its most common causes of emergence is:

  1. External factors: pollution and ambient temperature, viruses and microbes, death of the loved one, job change, residences, traffic jams.
  2. Internal: change of a personal self-assessment, vital beliefs and values.
  3. Reasons of the physiological plan: problems with health, the fatigue which collected for a long time, the wrong, harmful way of life.

But, if these reasons of appearance of a stress can not affect some, that is category of people who in a moment are exposed to stressful situations. It is explained by a psychological spirit of the person. It forms steady positive or negative states and emotions. Those who become frequent victims of a stress actually have a certain psychological problem (fear, uncertainty in own forces, etc.).

Developing of a stress owing to an internal spirit, the personal relation is reasonable to consider the reason and if not to overcome the problem period in life, then the probability of approach of stressful consequences is high.

If the stress nature in your life is concluded in a physiological factor, then it is necessary to lead more healthy lifestyle, to be able correctly to have a rest.

Stress consequences

Showed results of the researches conducted among the serving various organizations that at a stress of the man, unlike women, have somatic diseases (atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, stomach ulcer, a hypertension).


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team