Causes of alcoholism

Causes of alcoholism

Alcoholism - the widespread disease around the world which is looking younger every year. This disease became widespread around the world. It is considered that the addiction to alcohol cannot arise out of the blue, it is always accompanied by a good reason. One of the main factors contributing to the development of alcoholism is the psychology. The person drinks to relax, be forgotten, leave from the existing problems. Over time the amount of the drunk alcohol increases, appears dependence with which it is possible to cope alone not always.

The causes of alcoholism at men

The reasons there can be a huge number. All of them are subdivided into three main views: psychological, social and physical. Among men social are considered as the most common causes of developing of alcohol addiction. Examples can be much here, but we will give the most widespread:

  1. Any holiday does not do without alcohol. It is already tradition which nobody wants to break. Drink among the friends, relatives and acquaintances, at the same time very few people will want to be allocated and refuse a glass of drink with degree. So, at some the dependence on alcohol can develop over time.
  2. The hazardous and heavy occupations connected with risk for life or with responsibility for others destiny can also become the reason of development of an alkozavisimost. Rescuers, doctors, firemen first of all treat them.

Presence at the person at least of one of above-mentioned factors does not mean that he has to become addicted to alcohol surely. But he should understand and remember that such danger nevertheless exists.

Psychological causes of alcoholism

As practice shows, often the persons who are not able to be positive to life become alcoholics and to adapt quickly to the arising difficulties. The persons of no character inclined to a depression and self-flagellation most often prefer to be forgotten alone with a bottle.

Men often worry due to the lack of high income, inability to self-fulfill, start a family. At the closed person having a set of complexes, chances to become the alcoholic increase. The causes of alcoholism are closely connected with psychology. So, types of persons who are more susceptible to alcohol were revealed over time:

  • unbalanced, inclined to cruelty and aggression;
  • persons with the underestimated self-assessment;
  • persons with the high level of uneasiness;
  • diffident and diffident;
  • the apathetic persons having poorly developed intelligence.

Physiological causes of alcoholism

The following variety of reasons belongs to physiological factors:

  1. Genetics. The susceptibility to alcohol increases if in a sort the person had drinking relatives.
  2. Age. It is scientifically proved that teenagers are most inclined to alcohol intake and emergence of dependence, than adults.
  3. Quantity and frequency of the consumption of alcohol. The more and more often the person drinks, the higher him risk to become the alcoholic.

Reasons of alcoholism and alcoholism

Morally weak and unadapted people become alcoholics often. They try to leave by means of a bottle from poverty, the conflicts, the low standard of living. As it seems to them, to get drunk - the only way to leave from real life with the problems existing in it. It is no wonder that the poor countries are considered as champions by the number of alcohol-addicted people.

Also the family relations in the following situations can become the reason of alcoholism:

  1. At the wrong relation of family members to alcohol. Some consider that alcohol is useful - kills microbes, expands vessels, raises mood. Over time also the child begins to think in the same way.
  2. At the wrong education. If the teenager came in a state of intoxication home, and parents kept silent. Such inaction from adults can let know to the child that he does not make anything bad. As a result he can fall into the drinking habit.


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