Change of image

Change of image

A lot of things depend on image, for example, as people around will treat you whether you will be able to achieve the desirable objective, etc. Change of image – rather difficult task with which not all can cope. It is very important that you felt in the chosen style comfortable. To do it only because it is so fashionable, it is not necessary.

Change of image: what to begin with?

The true image of the modern man – to be itself, but not to play others role. During change of style consider all the natural data:


These men, generally are owners of hot temperament and a beautiful black head of hear. In clothes the style which on the one hand is negligent prevails, but at the same time looks enough tidily. If you want to change cardinally image and to become the real macho, then time to put on classical trousers came, a jacket and a t-shirt is their main counter. Also in clothes of such man by all means there have to be ties, branded hours, lighters, qualitative leather footwear, hats.

The guy

Such men differ in cheerfulness, skill to communicate and good mood. Such men never despond and can find approach practically to each person. It is possible to find the ironed shirts, ties, suits in its clothes, but except classics there by all means there will be pair of jeans, t-shirts, jumpers and even a sports suit.

Business man

To change image in this direction the help of the stylist as your appearance has to be as very clean can be necessary. Such men differ in the concentration, severity and gravity. Such image means existence of expensive suits, hours, portfolios, footwear, etc. attributes of the business man.

Free person

To this category, men of creative professions generally belong. They generally wear loose overalls, spacious shirts, jeans and gym shoes. The image is finished by a hairstyle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team