Character of the man

Character of the man

Each man has positive and negative qualities of character. They have direct influence on the relations with an opposite sex, on work and on life in general.

What men on character are?

  1. Infantile. There is an impression that in a body of the adult there lives the child. Among his hobbies by all means it is possible to find some game, for example, the computer or soccer. Does not like to be in loneliness as begins to miss. Such man needs care and a praise.
  2. Neurotic. At his life constantly there are some scandals and disagreements. After the next turmoil from it it is possible to wait for the calming words, but the hem from told all the same will remain.
  3. Colleague. Such men very often use jokes of sexual nature in the speech, thinking that all is crazy about them. Easily and just at once passes with many people on you. Often practices sex on friendship.
  4. Jealous man. Rather often met man's type on character. His belief on life – all women idle. For it the partner is property to which other male cannot pay attention. Besides, such men are allocated with considerable energy.
  5. Talker. Such men very much like to talk. They consider that their mission on the earth is to explain to all people any question to the smallest details around. Such men are inclined to the capacity of love.
  6. Poseur. This character of the man is distinguished with the originality. It is distinguished from others not only the appearance, and both behavior, and habits. From the famous poseurs it is possible to allocate Salvador Dalí. Such men easily submit women as invent a story about the life on the run and, sometimes they can reach to the point of absurdity.
  7. Contradictory. Such men always resist to others, they never side with other person. When in a dispute with it agree, it can change immediately the position and begin to prove already it.

To temper character the man has to pass through vital tests as only in this case he will get necessary experience and will be able to draw conclusions.

Traits of character of the real man:

  1. Courage. The man has to protect the family from various problems.
  2. Self-confidence. Only such man will be able to reach the desirable, both in love, and in career.
  3. Tranquility. The stronger sex should not row and sort out the relations as it is destiny of women.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team