Character on a blood type

Character on a blood type

Here it is only not necessary to smile skeptically in response to the statement for determination of character of the person on a blood type, than it is worse than horoscopes on zodiac sign? We partly trust them, so maybe in this technique there is a rational grain? Here Japanese, for example, seriously believe that the blood type affects character, there even at employment consider this fact.

Dependence of character on a blood type

For the first time began to determine character of the person by a blood type in Japan, in 1980 the book "You Are Your Blood Type" (authors Toshitaka Nomi and Alexander Besherov) was sold out with a 6th circulation of million. From this point also promoting of a method of determination of character of the person on a blood type began. Today and at employment the accounting of a blood type (ketsu-yoki-Ghat) is manufactured in Japan, and market researches of demand are made with use of this information.

It is worth noticing that, despite the popularity in the Land of the rising sun, the way of assessment of the personality on a blood type still is up to the end not ground. So, for example, there is no difference between character of people with the 4th positive and 4th negative blood type. Though it would be logical to assume that the Rhesus factor has influence on character too, but yet about such dependence there are no certain data. We need only to wait for results of new researches of scientists on this subject for now to be content with what is.

Character of people with the first blood type

People with 1 (0) blood type have purposeful character, they seek to take the leading positions, have thirst of the power, these are outstanding personalities. Education has a great influence on them if it was wrong, then at the person with 1 blood type I can be antisocial qualities. Owners of 1 blood type know how to dispose of money, their financial investments are practically always successful.

But because of the aiming at result such people can be the egoists indifferent to feelings of people around. The mistakes are not liked to be recognized and very much are angry when they indicate by it miscalculations. Badly join collective, seeking to modify everything after the own fashion.

Character of the person with the 2nd blood type

Owners of the second (A) blood types usually people distinguished, decent and law-abiding. Work, paying much attention to details, have the high level of self-checking. Such people are very vulnerable, they never forget offenders and can revenge later the long period of time. Under the influence of alcohol these people the most unpredictable, in this state they are capable of various madnesses.

The faultless appearance, politeness and refinement serve owners of the second blood type as a screen behind which they hide from the others. To be among confidants of such person, it is necessary to try very much.

By the way, people with the second blood type leave the best, poets, writers and story-tellers of baizes because their imagination is really boundless.

Character of people with the 3rd blood type

The third blood type allocates the owners with open character. Such people are straightforward, impartial and is sincere. For them there are no authorities, they establish rules, breaking the developed order. The mind of people with the 3rd blood type is flexible and acute, these are the best detectives and speculators. In team do not like to work and cannot. They are for this purpose too excentric, emotional and quick-tempered. It is good that such people do not differ in rancor and are subject to effect of alcohol a little. And still people with the 3rd blood type usually excellent cooks, in Japan to a position of the chef will surely choose the candidate with this blood type.

4 blood type and character

Such people have incredibly developed intuition, among them there are a lot of psychics, clairvoyants and mediums. Such people do not like to constrain the discontent in any occasion, also do not love flattery and subservience. But they are wonderful organizers, hardy workers, not afraid of stresses. However, do not differ in special fidelity as soon as at the company of business begin to go badly, they immediately will find the town better. Such people are cheerful, adore comfort and luxury, incorrigible romantics. Are not especially emotional, but having given vent passions are capable also of cruel revenge, and of all-consuming passion, and of suicide.


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