Children's tears

Children's tears

Most of adults react to children's tears irritably and want the crying child to calm down rather. In any way.

The similar relation from adults is pardonable that who has not a direct bearing on education of the child. But here for mother the serious problem is necessary: as soon as possible to find out the reason of crying and at once to eliminate it.

You should not forget that function of crying at babies and children is more senior different. Children up to two years begin to cry for the following reasons:

  • want to eat,
  • it is necessary to change pampers,
  • to the child cold or hot,
  • require attention,
  • wants to sleep,
  • something hurts.

Most likely will be to determine by the most difficult task what hurts the child. Mothers can distinguish that means each crying. At pain it is continuous and equal. The most frequent reason — gripes and teeth. If after all it was not succeeded to find out what hurts the child, then it is necessary to address the doctor.

With children the situation is more senior than two years a little easier. The child can already talk a little and understands your questions. Therefore it is simpler to understand his requirements. But there is also a reverse of the medal - whims and hysterics which are used as means of manipulation become more frequent.

But not any crying is a manipulation. When the child fell or accidentally broke the favourite toy, other child offended - it is a real occasion to cry. For remains it even the whole grief. In such cases the kid needs to have a good cry. Do not distract him, do not calm and you do not shame, and moreover do not ask questions and do not persuade, just be near, shroud in protection and silent attention, take on hands and press to yourself. At this moment at the child the responsible process proceeds, the kid is exempted from undesirable experiences. You can talk and then when emotions abate, breath will be leveled, and tears will dry.

If you underwent purposeful manipulation (a hysterics until he receives the desirable), that the best that you can make in such situation - ignoring. The child has to understand that you will talk to him after he completely calms down.

It is possible to leave it for the period of one. The child suits theater for one viewer and if it is not, then and the performance is cancelled. And over time your child will understand that it in such a way will achieve nothing, and further the child will cease to resort to similar methods.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team