Chronic stress

Chronic stress

All modern life passes in a mad rhythm. The person constantly is in the movement and communication. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to avoid unpleasant situations which can arise in the personal relations, at work, in communication with different strangers. Some people consider that they constantly are in a condition of a chronic stress.

Symptoms of a chronic stress

The main symptom of chronic fatigue and stress is the alarm without the seen reason. In parallel the condition of a depression and some sleep disorders can develop. The person who is in a condition of a chronic stress heavier copes with working duties, he is irritable, absent-minded and quickly is tired.

Deterioration in a physical state can be symptoms of a stress also. The person can have a rapid breathing and heartbeat, to raise arterial blood pressure, to arise back or stomach pains. The stress can be also shown by headaches, deterioration in appetite and decrease in immunity.

Chronic stress and its consequences

Failure in work of an organism can become result of a constant stress. Appearance of a hypertension, problems with potency, nadpochechnikovy insufficiency, diabetes and many other is possible.

Treatment of a chronic stress

Treatment of a chronic stress is appointed by the doctor. Usually it includes medicines which help an organism to cope with loading better. Group B vitamins, medicines on the basis of herbs and animal origin belong to them. Drugs can be found in drugstores without recipe, but it is worth accepting them on doctor's orders as all medicines have contraindications. At serious violations of a dream the doctor can appoint sleeping pill, at a depression – antidepressants, at increased feeling of alarm – soft tranquilizers.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team