Cigars - harm and advantage

Cigars - harm and advantage

A large number of smokers to calm itself try as it is possible to learn about harm and advantage of cigars more in details. It should be noted the fact that smoking of cigars causes the same dependence, as well as smoking of cigarettes. At the use of smoke of cigars there is a weakening of an organism of the smoker, the immune system decreases.

The advantage of cigars in present time is not found though some are convinced that they are harmless and are not capable to lead to negative consequences which arise when smoking cigarettes.

Amount of harm in one cigar

Harm of cigars is shown not so quickly, there is it for the reason that there is a certain feature of the use of this product. The use of cigars makes, several times pass, but not as cigarettes – from 10 to 20 times. For this reason toxic agents rather slowly gather in an organism.

What harm is done by smoking of cigars?

Probably, many people who gave preference to the use of cigars ask a question of harm which they do. So, it is important to allocate several harmful factors:

  1. One cigar can be equated to a pack of ordinary cigarettes.
  2. Cigars are capable to cause strong physical dependence.
  3. Probability of formation of cancer increases twice.
  4. Smoke of cigars much more toksichny, than at cigarettes.
  5. Teeth of the smoker get a yellowish shade.
  6. Men, as a rule, lose the male power.
  7. Women can have an infertility.

Smoking of cigars also affects appearance of the person. Quickly enough there are wrinkles, mechanical injuries of skin (wounds, cuts) very slowly begin to live. Nails standing and hands become yellow color.

Harm from smoking of cigars very big, moreover, if the person leaves off smoking, his organism is cleaned from toxic pitches only in five years.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team