Civil marriage and lawful relations

Civil marriage and lawful relations

The civil marriage is a prelude to the relations registered in the order established by the law. How couple will live, being in a civil marriage, how their relations will develop further depends.

In spite of the fact that only the legalized relations can be called family, many couples live in a civil marriage. Such form of relationship means joint housekeeping and accommodation without official registration.

What can be told about such relations? On the one hand, when couple decides to live together without registration – it can be interpreted as mutual check. Feelings, financial side of a question are checked, people look at each other in life.

Such relations can seem to each of partners unstable. Like, it is not registered, it is not necessary even to file for a divorce. Just left (left) – and all here.

Actually, such judgment is deeply wrong for those couples which really decide to start a family. The civil marriage can be interpreted as examination before the real, lawful relations. With what art there will pass this examination both partners, will directly influence their further life subsequently. All that is peculiar to the real family will be peculiar to the people living in a civil marriage. From bad it is possible to note contentions, disorders, misunderstandings, quarrels. Daily work – work of the solution of problems, understanding of each other, creation for each other comfortable conditions of accommodation – here what is a civil marriage.

Having passed this examination successfully and having connected the relations by official registration, partners should not calm down in respect of understanding of each other at all. There is deeply wrong opinion that, having lived 10 years or more, partners just cannot divorce any more. It far not so. The most difficult in further life of partners – to carry by that freshness and reverence of the relations in years when already all it seems so ordinary and habitual.

The civil marriage is a prelude by the beginning of joint life. To go for cohabitation or at once to register the relations in the order established by the law is a personal record of each again formed couple, and such decision partners have to make in common. The risk share in development of the conflict here, of course, is present – but that will be to pass such examination more responsibly. And that both partners have to behave more wisely that in a difficult situation not to allow disintegration of yet not created family.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team