Commitment to excellence

Commitment to excellence

The commitment to excellence in itself is a feeling fine, it forces the person to move forward, master all new and new tops. However at many people it develops into perfectionism – a state at which overestimated the requirement to themselves and to life are brought to a limit. Such people suffer from own excessive meticulousness and inability to stop where followed.

Commitment to excellence and perfectionism

Perfectionism represents belief that the best result can be achieved, and it is necessary to make it. In fact, this same commitment to excellence, but if the person aspiring understands that the best result is impossible, then the perfectionist – is not present.

Perfectionism can be shown in the increased insistence to itself and people around, conviction that everything in the world has to be correct, and the person has to conform to standards. Also special attention to trifles, a race behind the best result and the aspiration to infinitely redo work in a pursuit of an ideal is peculiar to such people. If you note at yourself all these lines or most of them – means, you are close to disorder of behavior.

Get it together, try to understand the reasons and sources of this behavior, and after that control thoughts and behavior.

How to reach perfection?

The most important is to understand that the perfection is unattainable, and its essence consists in it. It is infinite process of work, and the end result is not supposed here. Therefore it is possible to strive for perfection, and to set it as the purpose – no.

Perfection - in development

If you see that you are inclined to perfectionism, try to remember more often that the fact that you develop, and do not stand still, already brings closer you to perfection, and it is impossible to comprehend it.

Many people set as the purpose spiritual perfection, but very few people can define what it consists in and how to understand that the desirable is reached. When you set before yourself such purposes, surely concretize them, do them achievable and comfortable for you. It will allow you not only to be more effective, but also it is better to understand itself, the aspirations.

In order that to the person to reach perfection of spirit or even just skill, consecutive work in this direction is necessary. At the same time it is important to hold in the head that it is work for the sake of work, for the sake of improvement, but not perfection. When you accept a thought that the ideal result of each business is simply impossible, it will be simpler to you to continue work and to be motivated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team