Communication and activity

Communication and activity

In psychology the communication is considered as one of manifestations of joint activity. Why so? Because activity is not only work, but also direct communication during work.

Communication and activity subdivide into three, the parties besides interconnected, namely: perceptual, interactive and communicative:

  • the perceptual party means establishment of a certain relationship on the basis of process of perception of the opposite person;
  • the purpose of communicative communication in the course of activity – exchange of information;
  • the interactive component is responsible for the organization of the interaction directed to the solution of a common problem.

In psychology there is a number of the works confirming so-called unity of communication and activity. Really, if to think, then the people occupied with one business inevitably will communicate as concerning this activity, and simply. It turns out that without the first the second is definitely as the dynamic undoubtedly will be crossed with other not possible.

On the other hand, communication is considered a type of activity (speech activity). That is, activity happens in the course of understanding of the obtained information, and also in the course of information transfer to other person in a written or oral form.

The unity of communication and activity is that in the course of activity to occur peculiar formation of communication per se. Proceeding from it, we draw a conclusion that in the course of joint activity any person is enriched by communication.

The personality in communication and activity

To topic of conversation and activity in social psychology the special niche is defined. There is a theory which obtained a set of the evidence. Each individual is born with a certain set of qualities, however, the considerable share of identity is got by it in the course of activity and communication, and it is not possible to calculate a ratio of communication and activity in the matter.

The personality in communication and activity is diverse. Then also the identity is shown. Depending on with what individual there takes place communication, the personality changes. On the first place begins to act basic properties – temperament, a self-assessment.

The self-assessment is adequate, underestimated and overestimated. And in communications of communication and activity, the last two types of a self-assessment are equally harmful. For example, the personnel psychologist not just like that defines qualities of applicants of a position, enters its purposes as elimination of candidates with the overestimated requirements to himself, and with underestimated.

In the course of joint activity, the personality with high self-esteem will never be able to recognize the misses, thereby, doing communication with employees by useless occupation. And here the personality with the underestimated self-assessment, on the contrary, can follow in communication of employees the tastes, thereby depriving process of joint activity of qualitative results.

The personality with the underestimated self-assessment often makes the oppressing impression on all collective, moreover, sometimes even trusting such individual to execution simple work, it is possible not to wait for the termination as such people most often to themselves put restrictions which only the experienced psychologist will be able to break through.

The most desired individual is the personality with proper response. Such person in communication and activity is equally pleasant, for example, he can accept openly criticism and not to arrange a hysterics with complaints that is peculiar to people with the underestimated self-assessment. Such personality seeks for self-improvement, she is easy in communication, any kind of activity with such people will be always successful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team