Complex of the victim

Complex of the victim

The victim is the person oppressed by someone or by itself. Oppression can be shown as in the plan physical (physical abuse, sexual violence), and in psychological that occurs much more often as quite often the person does not even understand what oppresses another, having destructive effect on his psychological health. It would seem, a complex of the victim to get quite difficult, everyone meets vital difficulties and learns to overcome them. But actually, this complex is one of the most widespread. And, as it is not surprising, it originates usually deeply in the childhood.

Psychology of a complex of the victim

So, the victim is a person who was oppressed, whom incorrectly treated, subjected to violence. Respectively, the complex of the victim is developed under the influence of external or internal factors such.

Quite often the complex of the victim begins to be developed at children's age under the influence of parents who can even not suspect about it. For example, widespread "intimidation" of the child some "babayka" which will come and will take away it if he does not eat porridge, will not make lessons, will not behave well and so on. It would seem, quite harmless "tale for education", but sharp perception of reality by the child can quite play a dirty trick with it, having turned the harmless fairy tale into quite real fear. And this fear as a result can develop into a complex of the victim.

Often the complex of the victim arises in the relations. All of us know that the ideal relations do not happen and cannot just be as disagreements for people – it is absolutely normal. But at the same time someone tries to find a common language, a compromise and to continue to build further the relations based on understanding, and someone saves offenses and innuendoes, as a result independently creating himself a complex of the victim, misunderstood and unvalued on advantage. Usually such complex of the victim arises at women, much less often it meets at men.

How to get rid of a complex of the victim?

The complex of the victim can create not only psychological discomfort, but also physical. Quite often the people suffering from such complexes cease to eat normally (or practically do not eat, or eat too much), they interrupt a sleep and also there can be problems of sexual nature. Therefore, as well as from any other complex, it is necessary to get rid of a complex of the victim. The first and main step is, actually, an understanding of a problem. And further you will need to find from where roots of your complex grow and to cope with this fear, to overcome it. It is difficult work, as well as any work on by itself, but internal freedom of it costs. Life without complexes becomes far brighter and more pleasant.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team