Computer dependence

Computer dependence

Since computers became widespread, and now is almost in each house, the computer dependence becomes more and more frequent phenomenon. People do not know, than to occupy themselves if the laptop sat down and there is no electricity. Coming to the company of friends, they plunge about social networks via phone. Everything, except gadgets, recedes into the background. Most often the computer dependence at children, teenagers, adults up to 30-35 years develops.

Computer dependence: stages

Scientists are sure: the computer dependence has the same roots, as a game addiction. If constantly to stimulate the centers of pleasure, it is possible to forget about everything. Laboratory mice to please to pleasures are capable even to refuse food that leads to their death from exhaustion. Interestingly and that if to separate the person suffering from dependence at several o'clock from the gadget, it as the alcoholic or the addict, will test withdrawal pains.

There are 5 stages of computer dependence:

  1. The person just opens for himself the world of the computer and is in it actively interested.
  2. The person begins to find for the computer a considerable part of free time.
  3. Spends the most part of the time of people at the computer, at the same time using an Internet slang in life.
  4. The person is shipped in the computer with the head, it is difficult to interest him in something further the monitor.
  5. Its gadgets are all human life, he says generally about the computer and on an Internet slang.

The last stages are treated only in the specialized centers of the psychotherapeutic help and if there not to address, then nothing will change.

Computer dependence: symptoms

You easily learn this deviation as symptoms at it a large number, and all of them are quite pronounced.

  1. Irritation and aggression in relation to those who prevent to sit at the computer.
  2. Considerable improvement of mood from work at the computer.
  3. Unwillingness and resistance when time to come off the computer comes.
  4. Refusal of hygiene and dream in favor of the computer.
  5. Inability to decide to depart from the computer.
  6. Constant talk on the computer.
  7. Refusal of affairs in favor of the computer.
  8. Refusal of communication with friends.

Often such dependence is accompanied also by such physical deviations which develop owing to full-time employment on the computer: decrease in immunity, back pains, increased fatigue, visual impairment, insomnia, headaches, tunnel syndrome (wrist pains).

Treatment of computer dependence

So far dependent will not understand that it has a dependence, it is impossible to help it. The first step on this way always is understanding of own problem. When the person realizes a problem, it is necessary to help him to overcome barriers and to address the psychotherapist. Many consider that it is only necessary to see such doctors to those at whom serious frustration, but in practice absolutely not so, and the psychotherapist is that person who is capable to help to overcome various types of dependences.

Only the expert will help the person to understand himself, to find the reasons and to eradicate dependence. It is no secret that the computer – first of all an outlet for those who have few friends who is not able to communicate, modest, clamped. Already the first session will help the person to look in a new way at itself, and the full course will help to get rid of any type of dependence – a setegolizm (dependence on the Internet), a cyberaddiction (dependence on computer games) and other, less common forms. Only having released, it is possible to learn again how life out of the computer is interesting.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team