Consequences of office romance: personal experience

Consequences of office romance: personal experience

The people giving the most part of the life to career often cannot meet the representative of an opposite sex and get the stable relations as all the time is spent at work. For this reason they give in to temptation and begin to meet the colleagues.

Of course, office romance has pluses. First, you do not need to puzzle and to meet someone as acquaintance by itself happens during working process. Secondly, your soulmate will almost be at you all the time I will guide.

However, the similar relations, especially short-term affairs, can end is deplorable. One my acquaintance decided to change work and got a job the waiter in new bar. In the first day the administration presented it to colleagues. Besides the waiter, in an institution worked only the bartender (the guy, 18 years) and the adult female cook. 

The young girl at once noticed for herself young handsome. ""He such high, such beautiful and such vulnerable"", - she chirped to me in the receiver while that bartender after closing of change cooked for it the next cocktail. ""I precisely am pleasant to it, he does not take eyes from me"", - it summed up the result. 

For me the similar behavior was strange as my acquaintance of the house was waited by the husband, the relations with whom reached a deadlock long ago, and family life turned into the banal neighbourhood. But it did not stop it. Ever since they with the very young bartender periodically remained in an institution together after closing of change and had a good time. Here only it absolutely forgot that the similar intrigue does not incur in itself any obligations and the eighteen-year-old boy hardly needs something, except intimate proximity.

As she sobbed at me on a shoulder, telling that that young temper began to bring for work of different girls and to flirt with them, treating with expensive alcohol and strong coffee. I consoled her, reminding that she should not forget that she consists in a civil marriage and that the similar novel initially could not end successfully.

But at that moment I did not even represent, than everything can end. The young man told all colleagues about the victory, and behind the back of my acquaintance began to laugh, and sometimes and directly spoke about her unscrupulousness. At first she laughed the matter off, then began to say that her life should not concern anybody. To work together with this guy it became intolerable. Any working moments turned into grandiose scandals. As a result, the girl left.

Of course, this story - only an isolated case, however, before getting love intrigues at work, think whether it is worth it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team