Contraception methods

Contraception methods

In our mad rhythm of life the young married couples not always want to give birth to children. Sometimes they just have on it no opportunity – difficult monetary situation, there is no housing, etc. Whatever was the reason, everything comes down to that being protected from unwanted pregnancy. In modern medicine a huge number of various methods of contraception is made. Only the doctor can appoint them. Calendar method. Only those women at whom the periods were established can apply it and comes regularly. Only then it is possible to calculate safe days. At all healthy women the cycle lasts 28 days. Then an ovulation day comes on the 14th, in two days prior to the beginning of periods and two days after it are better not to be engaged in the unprotected sexual contact.

 Temperature method. Consists in daily measurement of basal temperature. As soon as temperature increases, so there came the ovulation, and the unprotected sex can be dangerous.

 Cervical method. Consists in a daily research of liquid of the cervical channel. Before approach of an ovulation slime becomes more elastic. It can be stretched between fingers on 10 cm. The interrupted sexual intercourse. At this method the man has to pull out a penis from the woman's vagina before an ejaculation. It interferes with hit of sperm in a vagina.

 Diaphragm. It has a dome appearance. The diaphragm needs to be entered into a vagina before sex so that it closed a neck of the uterus. The diaphragm should be washed with water with soap after each sexual contact.

 Cervical cap. It, as well as a diaphragm, closes an entrance to a uterus, without allowing spermatozoa to get inside. Condom. There are condoms not only for men, but also for women. The female condom has the form of a tube which is made of latex or silicone. It needs to be inserted into a vagina before the beginning of sexual intercourse.

 Male condom. As to use it, practically all know. Condoms make of thin latex, allowing to achieve natural feelings. This method is the most popular.

 Spermitsida. These are medicines which destroy spermatozoa for only a few seconds.

 Oral kontratseptivna. These medicines are the most widespread. It is easy to accept them, their cost is low. But there is a large amount of side effects and contraindications. After all it is hormonal medicine. Only the doctor after delivery of necessary analyses can appoint it.

 Injections of hormones. Such medicines enter once intramuscularly. They work three months.

 Hormonal ring. Contains hormones. The doctor at the beginning of a cycle enters into a vagina it and takes out at the end.

 Intrauterine spirals. Selects and enters a spiral only the doctor. The woman will not be able independently to establish it. Long time works.

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