Corporal psychotherapy: release from fears and uneasiness

Corporal psychotherapy: release from fears and uneasiness

Any menacing or discomfortable situation will mobilize an organism. It was so led since ancient times when in response to danger our ancestors reacted, choosing one or the other – a fight or flight. Also and today – any unpleasant emotion, irrespective of our will and desire, causes changes in a body which will prepare it for protection or attack: muscles strain, heartbeat and breath becomes more frequent.

But life in modern society does not allow to attack or run away, it demands from people of manifestation of endurance and self-checking. Their tension is not implemented in active action, the body remains passive. Therefore it is necessary only to wait that gradually excitement will come to naught. But if this state – is habitual for the person, and concern, uncertainty, fear and alarm – his natural experiences, then in a body muscular clips – islands of constant tension are formed over time. They imprison, do not allow up to the end easy and joyfully to relax and feel.

Where do the fear and concern settle?


The fear, desire to escape, avoid punishment hold down the person and pull together with a ring head skin. Jaws are squeezed, lips are pursed, the head is hung, pulled in all the time in shoulders as if the person wants to hide, disappear. Emotions are displayed poorly, the mimicry is very limited.


Tension accumulates and holds down a thorax – shoulders rise and clench as if in attempt to be protected; shovels are constantly cramped, neck muscles are compressed all the time. Superficial, superficial breath.

Back and legs

Expectation of attack leads to muscular pains and causes diseases of the lower department of a backbone, osteochondrosis, problems with joints of legs and stupnyam.

And you have such clips for fear?

Carry out the test:

  1. Take off footwear, sit down directly on edge of a chair, bend legs in knees at right angle and put them on scales – mechanical, but not electronic.
  2. Look how many your legs weigh? If about 15-20% of body weight everything be all right if it is more – you sit incorrectly, double-check the pose.
  3. Then begin the test. Slowly, without helping itself hands, rise from a chair, rising on scales (your legs stand on them from the very beginning), and you watch an arrow.

If she jumped and showed weight more than yours on:

  • 15-20 kg – you have muscular clips as any average person;
  • 30-40 kg – your muscular armor quite big and it is a disturbing symptom!

Correction of a state and elimination of an armor

The corporal focused psychotherapy offers a huge number the technician for dissecting of muscular blocks. Many of them can be used in house conditions.

For example, the same exercise with scales – do it every day until when rising on scales of the shooter does not cease to jump up and your weight does not approach usual. So you learn to move freely, gracefully and easily, and also will save a body from stiffness.

Exercise for eyes – open them so widely as soon as you can; rotate here and there; you look down, up and on diagonal – 2 minutes.

Breathing exercises:

  1. With the partner who will press on a thorax at the time of a breath or an exhalation. Such breath demands efforts and weakens clips in a breast;
  2. Independently: take an intensive breath and at the same time widely open eyes and a mouth, then – the quiet, weakened exhalation.

Motive exercises – daily 10-20 minutes (to a strong warming up and sweat):

  1. Dance: freely, spontaneously, wide movements by all parts of the body. It is possible to jump up, shake the head, the main thing is to move without stopping.
  2. Jolting: as shiver, potryakhivaniye all over. Rise and relax a neck, a trunk, hands and legs. Present yourself a rag doll on threads which someone randomly pulls. From it you stir hands and brushes, the head, the neck freely rotates, legs and all trunk shiver.

Do these exercises regularly and over time you are exempted from constraint and fear, will feel easily and will be quiet in the most intense situations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team