Crisis of middle age at women

Crisis of middle age at women

The term "crisis of middle age" was entered into use in 1965 by the Canadian psychologist Eliot Jacque. But in those days was considered that only men suffer from it. But, as it became clear later, crisis of middle age at women happens too. Women during the period from 30 to 40 years are capable to go deep into reflections about meaning of life, to begin to look for anew themselves, to have "a ball". As crisis of middle age is shown at ladies how to fight against it? About it is our material.

Middle-aged crisis at women is most often characterized by concrete manifestations. Here the main signs of crisis of middle age at a fine half of mankind: concern about the future, negative perception of the social and professional status, search of notorious meaning of life.

Age crises at women – 30, 35, 40 years

  1. Crisis of 30 years at women. Caused by end of thoughtless youth and the beginning of a maturity. At this age of the woman begin to samoidentifitsirovat themselves, many already managed to take place as wives, mother, professionals. Own insolvency in important spheres of life most often causes crisis in women. But in 30 years it is possible to be in time everything, and it is even more therefore crisis these years is useful, it can work as a push to new achievements in different fields!
  2. Crisis of 35 years at women. These years the fear of an old age and withering begins to pursue many ladies. Such phobias on a miscellaneous are shown – many women hurry to buy up all range of anti-aging cosmetics, some create novels on the party, someone is saved by innocent shopping … In the 35th the woman is still active, full of strength, rather young. To overcome temporary melancholy, it is only often enough to find new hobby, to change style, to begin to find more time for itself, darling.
  3. Crisis of 40 years at women. Perhaps, most "crisis", at this age serious changes in an organism begin to happen. The metabolism slows down, production of women's hormones decreases, problems with periods are possible. All this aggravates perception by the woman of the new age. Even if everything is good (in career, family, private life), it is very difficult to women to reconcile to what youth passed, even depressions on this soil are possible. These years the women react to the happening changes much more sharply and more emotionally, than men. Just now they need compliments, seek to keep attractiveness in every way.

Crisis of middle age - what to do to transfer it adequately?

Understanding of that fact that at all not the changes (external and internal) happening to women, but their perception of these changes are the reasons of crisis can become the most important rescue. Perhaps, our advice will help to understand how to endure crisis of middle age:

  1. Dare to relax a little! Just learn, at last, to derive pleasure from life, to indulge itself. Yes, this council is not new, but it always "works"!
  2. Complete all unfinished affairs. Keep promises which were made, without having thought. Incomplete projects kind of "pull" from us energy, depriving of forces, and sense of guilt aggravates a depression. List all these affairs on paper, delete the most unreal, and those that remained, finish, and it will become at once easier for you!
  3. Dare luxury to communicate only with those who are pleasant. The chief can become an exception, and erase from phone of number of those who irritate or unscrupulously uses you.

Believe, even so simple actions help to overcome effectively crisis of age at women. There is a lot of recipes of fight against crises, but the most important is to have desire to fight with them.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team