Crowd psychology

Crowd psychology

Each person has a certain character, habits and leads the established life. And such people – the majority as their life is considered to be daily norm. However there are also certain persons or groups of people who will power, the desire and enthusiasm can force other people to carry out a certain role.

The person who is in crowd sharply feels a spirit of the neighbor, moreover, it is automatically given also to it. The individual does not behave as the individual any more, he in a literal sense catches mood of crowd.

This phenomenon carries the name crowd psychology. This method undertakes in a basis of one of chapters of the book of Carnegie in which he gives to the beginning speakers advice how to make the public statement successful. The principle consists in the following – if few people who sit on the different ends of the hall came to the meeting, to the speaker consult, first of all, to ask them to take seat all together in the middle of the hall. Even having united in small group, listeners began to listen to the speech with great emotions and interest. Here it, practical manifestation of psychology of behavior of crowd.

Structure of crowd

Allocate a crowd kernel which are instigators of a mass meeting who seek to exploit force of crowd. And also, of course, participants of crowd – people who adjoin a general meeting.

Classification of crowd

On target influences the psychology of behavior of crowd has the following classification:

  • spontaneous crowd which is formed independently, without a certain influence;
  • the conducted crowd which gathering of is the purpose for achievement of certain interests.

Probably, very few people did not pay attention to that fact as the psychology of crowd is used by the leading politicians. Often the people at large used by them expresses not absolutely the opinion, being under a peculiar mass hypnosis. And what is interesting, often such manipulations achieve the objectives.

A peculiar Western European tradition of studying psychology of crowd developed the abroad even, so scientists realized the improbable force of impact on mentality of people in crowd. For example, Siegmund Freud even suggested to consider crowd the human weight which is under hypnosis. It marked out the most dangerous aspect in crowd psychology – strong susceptibility to suggestion. Crowd, accepting a certain idea, becomes her ardent defender. That is why sects in which the psychology of management of crowd is the main moving force are so dangerous. Getting to a circle of such people, it is very heavy not to come under their influence especially as sectarians are aimed at such result.

Psychology of your behavior in crowd

There are several recommendations which will help you not to fall a victim of crowd.

First, try to avoid such places, and if you have to cross, say, crowd, do it on a tangent or on diagonal, moving with the same speed, as crowd.

Secondly, at all you do not look in the face to people in crowd, but also do not go, having hung the head. It is better not to look in the face as such contact can deprive of you orientation, and respectively, and speeds on decision-making. And here the movement, having hung the head, automatically turns you into the victim that too is inadmissible. In crowd animal instincts often prevail therefore once again nobody needs to be provoked.

Move quietly, seeing slightly below the faces of people, so-called peripheral sight, this look will not be neither aggressive, nor badgered. Be trained in front of the mirror in a quiet situation, you can even include such look every time when you feel psychological discomfort.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team