Cunning and wisdom: bases of happy marriage

Cunning and wisdom: bases of happy marriage

The man is considered a man. He is called the head of the family. He has to make important decisions and deal with all problems and difficulties. But he will not be able to do it without participation of the woman. The woman in the relations is a neck. It has to push the spouse to a right choice. For this reason the wife is obliged to be not only wise, but also cunning.

The history of relationship a boundary floors cast the man and the woman long ago. Women, as we know, are considered as the weaker sex, they are devoted to the soulmates and are keepers of the family center. The man was recognized as the getter and the head of the family.

However a lot of things changed in the family relations. In the XX century there was revolution: women began to demand equality with men in every respect. In present time of the woman became completely independent, they perfect skill in male professions, become politicians, businessmen, give birth to children for themselves, but all the same the woman often wishes to be loved and protected.

Be wise, but cunning

The girl has to be wise in the relations, and the wise woman knows where it is better to use cunning, keep silent or, on the contrary, when the most suitable time for any talk. Some people think that manifestation of cunning in the relations is something unnatural and dishonest or something, similar manipulations. The side between cunning and manipulation is thin, but nevertheless it is. When you resort to manipulation, you do it for the sake of yourself and if you show cunning, this you keep family. You have to know how to become the cunning girl. Sometimes you even should be more cunning than the husband to smooth acute angles in the relations. If not to think of how it is more correct to arrive at quarrels in family and the conflicts, it can lead to undesirable consequences. You have to remember that the man needs to pay attention. If you want something to achieve from the spouse, you have to be able to distinguish his mood, the nobility when he not very well feels or when it has troubles at work.

In everything there has to be a measure

Nevertheless, there are cases when female cunnings are inappropriate. Not always the female cunning will be clear to men, often they do not understand hints. Therefore if you want to solve any problem, you need to bring correctly the spouse to this conversation, but the key part of the problem should be stated directly, even in case it concerns any delicate questions, gifts, attention or caress in a bed. It is known that the man needs to feel very best: the strongest, the cleverest, etc. If the woman always supports the spouse and to let know that it is better than him there are no men, he will always make great progress. You have to point to the beloved to his strengths and a little his opportunity exaggerate, but you cannot go too far in this question at all. If the man to something has no tendency, it is not necessary to think out it. The woman has to help the man to reveal herself that to him it is congenial, and then your man will be successful and in family there will be less conflicts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team