Dependence on marijuana

Dependence on marijuana

Marijuana – the natural drug received from hemp. It was delivered to Europe and America from India where was very widespread. In India, marijuana was used in various ways, including added to food that sometimes even led to overdoses.

Marijuana in Europe

In Europe this drug at first was used as anesthetic at serious illnesses and now is a part of some medicines applied, say, at AIDS or cancer. The dependence on marijuana in this case is expressed poorly or not expressed in general on the general background of a disease. However from the emergence of marijuana in Europe there were also people who began to apply it as drug, imitating Hindus.

Reaction to hemp

At that time still nobody knew whether marijuana causes dependence, people were attracted by the bright pictures arising in their brain under the influence of medicine. Drug causes effect at which all it seems unusual, worthy admiration, time kind of slows down. Feelings can be as pleasant, and not really, there are panic attacks, the paranoid ideas, and the person quite often realizes that there is with it something not as it should be as if would see himself from outside. Everything is individual, some people behave inadequately, and on some nothing can be noticed.

Therefore it is hard to say how to learn dependence on marijuana if it is not about the loved one. Change of behavior and attitude of the one who all the time nearby, most likely, it will be noticeable but also different reactions are possible here. Some sleep much. Others, on the contrary, have insomnia. Almost all become fun-loving. Eyes after intake of drug redden, in a mouth dries up. There is an increased appetite.

Marijuana causes changes in the intellectual sphere, reproductive function both at men is broken, and at women (though at first it seems that the potency, on the contrary, increased, such short-term effect is possible), influences lungs. If it is about marijuana smoking.


The physical dependence on marijuana usually does not arise, or not really expressed as, for example, from tobacco smoking. But there is psychological. Bright "cinema" which the person saw under the influence of drug is pleasant to it more and more, and the real world less, and the person, after all, forever goes to "movie theater", completely losing interest in the real life. From physical it is possible to save special medicines, the person has to get rid of psychological itself, but, being in the changed condition of consciousness, he does not want to do it. So marijuana causes dependence, and the most dangerous – psychological.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team