Depressive psychosis

Depressive psychosis

Very few people guess, but many, so to say, normal people can have such mental disease as depressive psychosis. Its main difference is often changing mood. At the same time there can be so sharp differences that under the influence of psychosis of people can commit not only offense, but also a suicide.

Symptoms of depressive psychosis

Manic-depressive psychosis or as it is accepted to call it today, bipolar disorder, proves a number of the following differences:

  1. The maniacal phase of depressive psychosis is characterized by such symptoms as: emergence of an unknown vigorous state, inflow of forces, energy. At the person an impression as if all his memoirs are filled exclusively pleasant, happy moments is made. Besides he unconsciously forces out unpleasant events of the past. For it the present is the world filled with bright paints. It is useful to note that the speech of the patient becomes louder, emotionally charged. The most interesting that at this moment of its judgment remain superficial. At this stage it is difficult to person to remain sitting on one place. He needs to create. He builds improbable infinite plans which does not finish. He cannot complain of the diseases. He forgets what is fatigue. It is worth mentioning also such moment: the personality with bipolar disorder is not capable to notice the existing real difficulties. There is a revaluation of own inner self. The patient cannot be recognized: he safely puts on bright clothes even if it is not peculiar to it at all. Many such people can be met in night clubs, pubs. Also chaotic intimate relationships are peculiar to them.
  2. Depressive phase. At this stage we see the personality opposite to that that it is described in the previous point. She moves slowly, thinks is slowed down. Sometimes falls into a depressive stupor, to be exact can freeze completely. Such person does not trust in own forces, becomes the pessimist, considers himself by pettiness and the person, not capable of anything. It quite often brings, both to suicide attempts, and to the suicide.

Treatment of depressive psychosis

If we deal with sharp depressive psychosis, then it is treated in the conditions of a hospital. In this case the doctor appoints antidepressants and soothing. In case of a long form the experts appoint electroconvulsive therapy.

At an early stage the disease is treated by means of psikhoanaleptik, and prevention is performed at the expense of mood stabilizers.


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