Determination of temperament

Determination of temperament

Temperament and character it absolutely two different concepts. Generally the character depends on temperament on which all behavior of the person is under construction. In total there are 4 main types of temperament: sanguine, choleric, melancholic and flegmatichesky. Determination of temperament generally happens thanks to special tests which were developed by psychologists. But on the other hand you can read the description of each look and recognize in it yourself.

How to define temperament?

  1. The sanguine person - the person very quickly switches from one business to another. It very much developed a mimicry and gesticulation. About such person it is possible to tell that at him everything is written on a face. Besides emotions at it very quickly change, for example, now he cries, and in 5 minutes roars with laughter. Features of this temperament are also expressed in its work. Such people are very bright and can cope along with several tasks. Only there is one but if the sanguine person found business on more interestingly, then about old he can quickly forget. The sanguine person is very sociable, with him very easily and just to find a common language.
  2. For definition of type of temperament it is necessary to understand who such choleric person. In the emotional plan it is very similar to the sanguine person, only irritability and irascibility are peculiar to the choleric person. In such people the passion which will help to absorb it completely just rages. Any emotion as if positive or negative, the choleric person worries deeply in soul. These people are very prompt, they often achieve the objectives by persistence and the strengthened work.
  3. To define what type of temperament at you not to turn out without description of the melancholiac. Such people very seldom show the emotions and often endure everything in themselves. The melancholiac is so monotonous in the feelings and emotions that with him it is very difficult to find contact. Such people very often have depressions and hard transfer any disappointment, both in themselves, and to others. In work they are very much liabilities and badly concentrate in work. For them comfortably is in the quiet atmosphere of loneliness.
  4. Well and, at last, phlegmatic person. Such person very sluggish and sluggish, you should not wait from him for an initiative. Its character very equal and quiet, it cannot almost be stirred up. That to make something the phlegmatic person very long thinks, weighs everything pros and cons and only then comes to a final conclusion. He loves the work therefore it can almost not palm off something new.

If you found something the general in one of types of temperaments, then it testifies about 80-90% of a right choice.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team