Dota Imba Legends"

Dota Imba Legends"

is the new card for the game WarcraftIII: FrozenThrone, a prototype which the original Dota card unlike which there are set of changes, and especially for an amateur game was. It is not necessary to play too long, there are set of bonuses and also the choice of various magics of all heroes is provided. And many skills are strengthened and changed, their more detailed description can be read if to guide the cursor at the chosen magic.

What distinctions from the original card or other amateur versions?

At start of a game in a stone construction which is in the middle of nine barracks are available two fashion is AP and SD. AP is the choice among all heroes, and SD– is offered the accidental choice of characters. The last fashion, of course, is more widespread, especially in Garena. Who does not know, this is the most popular game client in the world which united the most known games and collected the highest attendance among gamers of all countries. Once you simply start the client, you will begin to battle in the favourite games in the online mode.

We distracted from a subject a little, and so, the most widespread fashion in this card – SD, and as the button will be pressed, the choice of podmod which are also chosen one time is taken out. It is a fast game; super-guns which after the attack of heroes completely restore the lives; loss of objects after murder of neutral crepes (these are such spiteful NPC among the deep forest, it is simpler - boats), and things can be different, from the usual tsirklet to an iglkhorn; fast emergence after the death of the hero or respaun, super-kripy, from water to a huge dragon and other modifications. Generally, a game can be quite fast and at the same time very fascinating.

Now separately word about various magics of heroes. Their big quantity, and many endured strong changes and probability is high that the first will work with the certain other magic chosen at other hero much more effectively. Therefore it is necessary to test each magic, to try them with other values and to use in different cases. Not to explain so, it is necessary just to play, play and to play once again.

Having chosen a certain hero and various magics, you press butylek with the image of a smilie in the lowermost shop. You are given a certain bonus – or it is a subject, or the increased experience, or money and other. Having bought on the remained money, you choose the NAIL BUFFER or a brace bit which are located in a fountain. Usually the choice is made by players who took places in blue and pink arrangements. The standard choice – HAST which gives a bonus to movement and speed of the attack. At once it is necessary to direct to the forest to neutral crepes that to emergence of standard crepes on roads you were already with high level.

And in conclusion we will consider some most widespread magics which choose almost in all cases.

Vayper's loss – and in some versions is chosen the first magic though the image becomes then, as at the second. The result – at you is the strong loss after 4 levels reaching more than 700. At the first level it is already possible to get into the forest of the opponent and to arrange them full hell.

The coin of the Alchemist is to you not just the Pillbox in which a little money, and the real financial bank was added! After each murder the additional earnings which grow and grow are added! It is a pity that after death it is necessary to restore addition, however it not absolutely long again. Usually emergence of a coin in a game threatens with a full rating of opponents as the hero can dress himself and all team.

The loss Knayt's Chaos – this loss varirut various krita which puts to the opponent and constructions very serious damages, sometimes killing enemies from once.

Crete Vardenki or as it is called, Bingo – one of the most widespread ult in a game. Of course, it is pleasant to strike the enemy with a loss in 1000000 or even more for one blow.

Babbling a sting – the second magic at Babbling which very quickly and effectively restores lives from the attacked opponent.

Boomerangs of the Moon are the second magic at Mun Ryder who causes a loss on several opponents. It is almost most used magic option which effectively joins others. Just try, and you will understand.

The teleport of the Flying Panda – full ult, as they say in the ordinary speech. You fly, cause a loss when falling, and not small moreover and without having spent any manna at the same time! Just freebie!

Of course, magics can be described and described, but for this purpose and there will not be enough book whole. Therefore we will just advise you to play and see everything!

Successful game!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team