Education of the child up to two years: nuances

Education of the child up to two years: nuances

Education of the child at this age almost completely falls on mother, and this burden is very heavy. Young mothers constantly are exposed to a stress, and they constantly lack time: to wash, to prepare, for the child to look. To put to bed – again work for mother.

It is the most difficult period for women, they should run around literally like a mad to be in time all household chores and not to leave unguarded the growing-up child. But there is also good news: this period comes to an end sooner or later. The child becomes closer by four years to more independent, a lot of things can already do itself, and somewhere even helps parents. And at mothers appears a little free time.

How not to go crazy, vainly trying to be in time for the restless child?


The child constantly does something, constantly moves – and creates around himself chaos of universal scale. Everything is good, and has to be. When the kid a little grows up, everything will return into place and you will have ideally tidied up house again. The kid himself will remove the toys – even without your command. So do not pay attention to a small disorder. For self-complacency it is possible to consider such chaos a small juicy detail of an interior of the baby.


Many young mothers consider that their child is ready to potter without a break in the days with various beautiful toys, the main thing – that was a lot of them. It not absolutely so. More precisely, in general not so. Somewhere up to four years the kid plays what his parents play: phone, the panel from the TV, a pan or the hammer. As soon as he sees something, than adults then will want to play it "play". So hide especially valuable or fragile things there where the curious child will not reach. And if reached, then put him to play near itself – or even solemnly hand a ladle and the pan filled with water: let the child "cook" something together with you.

Aspect of attention

Always also everything is interesting to children so they constantly switch attention from one subject to another. And, if you, for example, asked the child to remove toys and left on kitchen to continue to make a lunch, then be not surprised if toys and remain to roll on a floor. Check that the child began to clean up, and then be already engaged in another matters. Understand, the kid did not begin to clean up not because to him laziness or he wants to tease mother but because it simply switched to something else and forgot.

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