Erogenous zones at women

Erogenous zones at women

Not only beginning, but also skilled lovers seek to know where the most erogenous zones at girls are. To be really good lover – means to be able to give to the woman sheer pleasure! We will consider erogenous zones at women and we will offer recommendations about impact on them.

How to find an erogenous zone?

You can not know even where erogenous zones on a body usually are located, and to investigate each centimeter of skin of the partner to learn about specifically her preferences. Each person has them the – someone likes something one, to someone more – another. Let's consider simple and pleasant technology of search of erogenous zones on the girl's body.

  1. Choose for yourself some one-two zones – for example, the head and a neck, shoulders and a stomach, a back and buttocks, feet and legs, etc. You should investigate them for one sexual game or a prelude.
  2. Try different types of influence – stroke, bite, kiss, caress a plumelet, etc. Note for yourself what of types of influence was met best of all. After the process it is possible to ask the partner what was remembered by her most of all and that was pleasant not really.
  3. Next time try to work technology of stimulation of the found zone, set result.
  4. At the subsequent contact begin to investigate the following zone – and so on.

You can turn process into an interesting erotic game which for certain will please also you, and your girl. It is a great way both to understand the new partner and to improve the relations with that with which you are connected by the long and strong relations.

Where do girls have erogenous zones?

In order that know what areas should be studied especially carefully, we bring to your attention the complete list of the most widespread erogenous zones, impact on which is pleasant to most of girls. We will begin from top to down.

  1. Eyelids are a concentration of the nervous terminations which very well reacts to kisses. However remember – if the girl is made up, hardly it will be pleasant to her!
  2. Whisky, also as well as eyelids, is very sensitive to touches and if you lay a path of kisses from eyes to this area, it will be not only is gentle, but also is exciting.
  3. It is no secret, that it is especially sensual zone. Try to carry out by language on the lower line of an upper lip of the girl – it will force it to tremble in your hands!
  4. Ears are quite bright erogenous zone too. It is the best of all to caress an ear lobe language or to kiss an auricle.
  5. The neck is very sensitive and gentle zone! Here it is necessary to be extremely sensitive and gentle that your touches were really pleasant.
  6. Shoulders do not need special tenderness – on the contrary, here it is possible to afford pokusyvaniye and passionate kisses.
  7. The stomach is a wonderful area which can be stroked, kissed, laid paths of kisses and to excite the girl even stronger.
  8. Pay attention to zone V – a stomach bottom (without taking genitals). It is very strong erogenous zone at most of ladies.
  9. The clitoris is the strongest erogenous zone at all women. It is important to find that method of influence which will be pleasant to the girl most strongly than the others.
  10. The internal surface of a hip perfectly responds both on strokings, and on kisses.
  11. The area at the basis of buttocks is a great way to excite the girl during massage of a back.
  12. Area under a knee – very sensitive and gentle, and it it is possible to involve also in erotic massage, and in usual caress.
  13. Feet of legs are a strong erogenous zone, but only for the liberated women who are not afraid of a tickling.

Using the knowledge of secret erogenous zones of the woman, you will be able to present to the partner inexpressible pleasure!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team