Someone told a remarkable thought that the former beloved are not once. And partly it appeared the rights. It is impossible to forget completely that with whom it was once good. For this reason today a hot topic for discussion at many men is that that once swore it an oath of love and fidelity especially as the relations with the ex-wife at all develop differently.

Ex-wife and child

The divorce always scars on heart. But innocent children aggravate spiritual wounds. If feelings to the ex-wife can die away, then the love of children is infinite. And often problems in the relations of parents cannot but affect children. It is good if it is possible to agree and you have an opportunity to see at any time the offsprings. And what to do if the ex-wife does not give the child? Sad situation. Especially if the ex-spouse already got new family. Such problem can be solved in court. Nobody cancelled your right to see the own children and the good lawyer will be able quietly to prove this fact in court. The question is in whether the child wants to see you?

How your being behaved, try to keep anyway advantage and not to leave a field of vision of the children. Even if the child or children absolutely small, have patience and wait so far they will enter more conscious age. As practice shows, most of children try to find the fathers. Be open and do not forget that you are responsible for those to whom helped to be born.

There is also other party of a medal. If you have all opportunities to see children, then sooner or later there can be desire to return to the ex-wife. How there took place your parting and whoever was guilty of your divorce, you will never become each other strangers. Sometimes, to realize the mistakes, it is necessary that there passed some time.

The proof of that are recognitions of the divorced men. Already later few months or half a year from many it is possible to hear: I love the ex-wife, I miss the ex-wife, I am jealous of her. So can be it is worth using chance and to renew the relations while the getting is good?

How to return the ex-wife?

Both of you perfectly know the reason for which you left darling. And if there are guesses, then to you nobody prevents to learn about them directly. In a question of the relations the female logic as it is impossible by the way, confirms the absence. The emotionality and impulsiveness make lovely ladies unarmed before temptations and completely switch off their mind. You should not forget about it. And especially, having remained after the divorce alone, it is not necessary to fill in a grief with alcohol and to depressovat on a subject how to forget the ex-wife. If you feel that without it your life will be empty and senseless, perhaps, you should make attempt to return the past. But before running after it breaking everything on the way, remember several important things:

  • you have to be firmly sure that you need these relations;
  • your self-confidence has to be immovable any barriers, especially alcohol and a depression - how to live with the alcoholic, it precisely will not attract your ex-wife;
  • your last mistakes have to be eradicated and are forever forgotten;
  • it is impossible to enter one river twice therefore you have to change first of all;
  • after your divorce there have to pass at least three months: during this time both of you will find an opportunity to argue soberly and to understand what occurred and for what reason.

Your further actions depend on in what relations you left. Certainly, if the relations more or less acceptable, then chances to return everything much more. But if you became irreconcilable enemies, the hole will be too. It is just necessary to wait slightly more time that emotions ceased and you found an opportunity to communicate.

It will be simpler further – create such conditions of communication that she saw that you became another and changed. Saw in practice, but not in words. Be not humiliated and do not beg her to return. It is necessary just to tell few times her that you are not sorry about the relations with it that you are grateful to destiny for the fact that it was in your life and you want to restore trust in the relations. Believe, such phrases of very few people leave indifferent. Your main task is to remove all negative which remained after the divorce and to leave only kind memoirs in memory of the darling. Subsequently it will turn out that both of you already forgot some offenses and the reasons of separation. And time so why not to try again?

Happens and so the ex-wife through some time wants to return later. If before you did not show an initiative to reconciliation, then once again think. If you wish to connect with it the life again, then to you nothing prevents to make it. But you remember that ex-wives come back, having only convinced that this time in the relations everything will be differently.

How there was your further life, remember that it would be necessary to go what it forward costed. Protect darlings and you remember that it is simpler to repair a crack, than to anew collect what already broke up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team