Family reading: stories to children about responsiveness

Family reading: stories to children about responsiveness

To find time and to esteem with children – a task of parents. What to read? Stories about good feelings and good acts of people will be useful. It is presented in works by V. Astafyev "The grandmother with raspberry" both "Wild strawberry" and Yu. Yakovleva "The boy with skates".

Responsiveness – it is good!

The sympathetic person cannot pass by suffering, cannot but help and not give joy, cannot leave the patient unguarded. It is just necessary to tell about it to the child. Otherwise, from where he learns that it is good to help people?

"Grandmother with raspberry"

Victor Astafyev has a story "The Grandmother with Raspberry" about children who helped the aged woman to find joy.

On the railroad the train stopped, and berry-pickers began to fill the car. Among children there was an old woman who very smartly already almost scrambled on a footboard. But unexpectedly from its bast basket berries fell down, and soon it was almost empty.

She cried that will bring together them, but the train already went. In the car she long still was in desperate condition, her lips did not cease to shiver, the tired-out hands shivered. School students gave way to her. She, once was happy because was the fastest collector of berries and a cheerful pesennitsa. And now it is empty at it in a basket – is empty also at heart. Children suggested it to help to bring berries in the car earlier, but she refused. One of passengers called her awkward. She very much took offense. And suddenly one man was a little whispered with children, got babkin a bast basket and began to collect in it a handful behind a handful raspberry which children took each of the ware. The grandma at first resisted, explaining that never never took the stranger. The man extolled children, calling them good children and the grandmother's grandsons. Only "the guess at them is small". And the grandmother was glad, called them darlings, the family, kasatika.

"Wild strawberry"

The same writer offers the story "Wild strawberry" about the brother and the sister who could not leave the sick person alone with his grief. They tried to make to it pleasant. In every possible way encouraged him.

The brother and the sister, Vanya and Nyur, got acquainted with the uncle Solomin at the river when they fished. Between the adult veteran who lost in the war the wife and the son, and children the friendship was started.

He worked at the railroad and studied in absentia. Children liked to be in his house, went with it into the woods, for fishing. Vanya was not given arithmetics. Ivan Pavlovich cultivated in him the aspiration to penetrate into an essence of a task and not to dream, learned not to recede before difficulties. The father at children died during war.

Once to Ivan Pavlovich there was a trouble. Some person appeared between cars, and that decided to save him, and itself injured a leg, and was hospitalized. The leg to him was wanted to be amputated. Children became sad. Nyura began to cry, and then asked Vanya about a wild strawberry. The boy told that he now not to a wild strawberry, and then very much was delighted when he learned that the wild strawberry can be gathered for the uncle Solomin.

Berry just kept up. But they managed to gather a glass. Fir-trees only zelenets.

To hospital they were let not at once. When they came into chamber, the uncle Solomin very much was surprised, who to him could come. He had no relatives. Children saw him and were frightened of how his eyes – "equal looked, indifferent". Children were afraid that the leg was already amputated, but then noticed that everything is normal. Talked the shy, shivering voices in the beginning. The wild strawberry, appears, was one of favourite berries of Ivan Pavlovich. But he became sad from the fact that he as will go then for berry. Children began to tell how at them in the village the disabled person on a piece of wood even fishes. Told him an interesting story about this fisherman. Saying goodbye to children dear to it, he asked them to bring it books for study.

Came to visit also Vanya's mother. Children saw a joyful smile of Ivan Pavlovich and same reciprocal Nadezhda Nikolaevna. And him it became joyful too.

Having seen the chief physician, children asked him about whether will be the uncle Solomin to amputate a leg. The doctor answered that everything depends on them. Then they promised that they will feed every day with a wild strawberry and still to catch fish. He loves fish. On the way home Nyura suggested the brother to persuade all children to go from their street behind a wild strawberry and to carry in hospital.

"Boy with skates"Yury Yakovlev tells about not indifferent boy who helped the aged man. To him it became bad, the boy noticed it and approached it. Helped to reach the house. It became clear that the person is called L. Bakhtyukov. He was at war in the Great Patriotic War, was a foreman, had an award of the Red banner. It was wounded and in a breast there was a splinter which moved and caused pain attacks.

Having brought Bakhtyukov home the boy wanted to leave, but something disturbed. This person called his "sonny". For the boy who grew up without father, this word was unfamiliar. He felt alarm for this old person with a splinter in a breast.

The boy descended behind medicine, returned and saw that Bakhtyukov lies blindly. The boy was frightened that he died. Rushed off to call the ambulance. Reached the automatic machine, called, but understood that does not know the patient's address. And suddenly saw ambulance which went by. He decided to stop it and stopped. Told all to doctors and brought them to the sick person.

Bakhtyukov was taken away in hospital and performed operation. Removed a splinter. During operation the boy sat in the accident ward and waited for result. In waiting time he thought that for some reason with a Bakhtyukovy row there are no people close to it: wife and son. They went to have a rest.

Bakhtyukov before departure to hospital asked the boy to send the telegram where he reported that it in hospital, calmed the family that is with it everything is all right, and they can not worry.

But the boy with skates worried. He thought that if it had such father as Bakhtyukhov, it would never leave it and did not throw it is in danger. Therefore the boy stayed all operation and waited for result.

That day the boy just went on a skating rink, but fate brought together it with the person who called him the son. In reply there was a wish to call Bakhtyukov the father.

The boy came to visit the patient. The nurse told Bakhtyukova that his son came. He was delighted and thought that the telegram reached, and there arrived the real son. He did not know that the telegram could not reach so quickly and the more so that the son could not arrive so soon. He calmed down, and even pain became weaker.

And the boy with skates went on a skating rink, under the arm again – skates, and in a palm – a splinter from Bakhtyukov's breast. The boy thought of the tall, big, strong person who lacked him all life. And if he was his son, then would throw everything and came tearing along to the aid. Always would be near all the time to hear such word "sonny" unfamiliar, but necessary to it and to say in reply with love: "Father …"

Let children learn more about responsiveness as such quality of the person which was appreciated always. It is cultivated in the person gradually by parents, the senior relatives, teachers. And faithful assistants in instilling of this quality are books.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team