Fear of death

Fear of death

Natural fear of death is inherent in each person and an animal, this manifestation of a congenital instinct of survival. And here fear of death as the fobiyafobiya is an irrational fear which pursues some people constantly which does not allow to live, work, have a rest quietly. When this state reaches the extreme point, it is about a mental disorder.

How fear of death is called?

In psychiatric practice the panic fear of death carries the name thanatophobia (from the Greek words death and fear). This term the general for all manifestations of this disease. In total they are allocated by two - fear of death of relatives and fear of own death.

Fear of death: causes

Most often the notions of compulsion about death come to mind after painful loss someone from close people. In case of normal development of the situation, the person the rupture of communications, intervention of death in life of another, and a phobia just deeply worries develops when it is pursued by a question: "And what if I or someone from my family am the following?"

If these thoughts pass by itself, then problems do not arise. But in certain cases the person gets used to such judgments and almost constantly thinks of a lethal outcome. Such fear of death of relatives – a phobia also demands treatment from the experienced psychotherapist.

One more case of a persuasive phobia – fear of young mother for life of the kid. It quite often arises when pregnancy or childbirth proceeded hard, or the kid often is ill. As a result to mother it becomes bad at a look even of a sting of a mosquito on the child's body, and the child suffers from hyper guardianship.

Rather own death there are various fears: it and confidence of the person that his destiny – to die to young people and fear of diseases and bacteria. In all these cases it is necessary to visit the psychotherapist and to receive medical treatment.

How to get rid of fear of death?

It is not that case when "like cures like" and here to hope that similar events will revive you, is not necessary. Having addressed the psychotherapist, you get a referral on therapeutic procedures and perhaps recipes on some medicines which have the calming, weakening effect. You remember: this small mental deviation and it can always be cured at the professional. And if to start it, having left indifferently and treatments, results can be not the most pleasant.


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