Fear of height

Fear of height

Fear of height to a degree is present at each person. The fear is an ancient protective mechanism which during a primitive era helped the person to survive. Therefore each of us cautiously approaches an edge of steep, with the speeded-up pulse passes on glass plates of a high-rise tower and with pleasant sinking heart rides roundabouts. However, if you receive an adrenaline dose, examining a landscape far below, under legs, it does not mean yet that fear of height or, otherwise, an arophobia is inherent in you.

The arophobia is the repeatedly exaggerated fear to fall from height. Even having approached a window on 2-3 floor of the building, the person having an arophobia feels a full disorientation. At it the head begins to be turned, to sweat palms, to fight heart, there is a feeling that it just about will fall down as though someone pulls it... As well as any other panic, an arophobia prevents the person to live, strongly limiting degree of freedom of action.

The danger of an arophobia is that the person, being at height, can fall into panic state and completely cease to control itself. And self-checking loss, in turn, is fraught with impossibility of adoption of the correct decision on how to go down, and falling from height.

Fear of height: reasons

Many experts in the field of psychology agree in opinion that problems of adults last, generally from the childhood. The insignificant, at first sight, incidents which caused fear in the child can become prerequisites of many phobias. The injuring event which is forced out by consciousness to the area unconscious has an effect over time when the person gets into a similar situation again.

Quite often happens and so that at early age the parents inspired in the child fear of height. And with this "baggage" of people continues a way on life, refusing to itself many pleasures connected with need somewhere to rise.

How to get rid of fear of height?

Today psychoanalysts quickly enough help patients to get rid even of a severe form of the phobia connected with fear of height. However, treatment at the expert can help only in case the person himself is ready to overcome fear. The psychoanalyst for the patient will not make this work. It is worth noticing that drug treatment in case the patient makes an inquiry how to get rid of fear of height, is not recommended as it involves unpredictable side effects.

How to overcome fear of height independently?

With an ill-defined arophobia each person can work and itself, applying one of numerous the technician.

  1. Gradually raise the "bar of height". Get each time above and above, gradually getting used to new level.
  2. Visualization — one more good option to overcome fear of height. Close eyes and present yourself on that place where you once had unpleasant feelings. Mentally a postoyta there, tell yourself that you are quiet and nothing threatens you. From the first from exercise the effect will not be. However, if you repeat it several times a week, then will be able to cultivate in yourself fearlessness concerning height.
  3. Being at height, do not give in to panic. You do not look down at all and also at moving objects around you. Concentrate a look on a static subject. It will help to remove dizziness.

Arophobia — one of the most popular phobias among the people living on our planet. It is possible to overcome it, however, asking a question how to overcome fear of height, you remember that for achievement of the goal it is necessary to work on itself.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team