Female energy: how to attract the ideal man

Female energy: how to attract the ideal man

Many women for many years remain alone only because are not able to operate the female energy. While by means of this resource it is possible to attract the ideal man in the life.

Correct visualization

The ideal man - a concept subjective. Some dream of the brutal businessman, others - of the distinguished intellectual. To someone to liking family men and jokers, others wait for romantic and passionate gentlemen. That in life the man of your dream appeared, at first "draw" him in your thoughts. Technology of visualization is so popular in recent years not casually: for a long time it is proved that it works. It is important to understand that you have to is not simply weakened to dream of future beloved, and to work on the thoughts. 

Es you are able to meditate, is excellent: it will be much simpler to work with this equipment. If is not present, just regularly organize yourself visualization sessions. Retire to the quiet place, occupy a convenient pose. Try to present the man whom you want to attract in the life in the smallest details. Give vent to the imagination, do not think of men already familiar to you, and dream to the maximum. Try "to see" all nuances of his appearance, "feel" its smell, "hear" a voice. To imagine more particularly scenes in which you together spend time try to plunge feelings which you will have with this man. 

If you practice visualization regularly, then soon be surprised, pictures of your subconsciousness were how exact. 

Increase in female power

The man most often chooses the woman subconsciously. He will give preference of that which is close to it on power. To increase this quality in itself, take several advice. 

  • Derive pleasure from communication in the women's company. "Terrarium" at work is not that at all. The similar female collective is only capable to deprive of you energy. However remember what filled and inspired you came back after the meeting with girlfriends. Arrange to mail such cozy sit-round gathering filled with exclusively women's chatter. 
  • Give pleasure to the body. The campaign in Spa or on massage not only gives physical pleasure: similar procedures still perfectly pump over female power. Take for the rule to organize themselves "beauty sessions" and in house conditions. 
  • You are in loneliness. Even if you very sociable person to remain alone with yourself - means, to be connected "to a source". It is quite possible that you will need only several minutes a day to be alone and start internal mechanisms.
  • You bring order. It is not about a banal routine in which you are forced to be engaged daily, and more likely about release of space. Regularly you pass across the house with a garbage package and throw out everything that you not expensively or did not need long time. Unnecessary things devour energy and do not give the chance to come to your life to something new.
  • Give and share. It is one of the most powerful instruments of increase in female power. Help patients and the poor, do pleasant trifles to those, to a lump it is bad, disinterestedly you share the to knowledge and give moral support by that. to whom it is necessary. 

Even if will seem to you that similar councils has no relation to gaining the man, know: you already began large-scale work on yourself and the power. 

Freedom above all

Least of all man wants "to get to a trap". However for many women this quite habitual aspiration. And obviously failure.

Freedom has to be one of the main values, and in this case it is about two aspects. First of all, give freedom to the man. Control of any sort is not capable to change somehow your attitude at all therefore in it there is no sense. It is one of the main addictions destroying the relations - to cultivate in himself mistrust and to check in every possible way. Do not look to it in eyes as if a right doggie, you do not smother him the presence, and then the man will sincerely reach for you. He has to see in you the partner, an inspiration source, but not a burden or the forced burden at all. 

Also work on own freedom is not less important. Try to depend as little as possible on others opinion, do not try to be for all convenient and correct. Be given to own hobbies and a hobby from which you derive pleasure, and never push the interests into the background. Do not leave life ""for later"" and remain yourself - it attracts men.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team