Female psychology for men

Female psychology for men

Since in the nature of a being were divided into women's and men's, there is a war of floors (at people now, probably, for gender equality). Or, maybe, it is not war, but the difficult and fascinating game aiming at creation of harmony. It as it is pleasant to whom. Do you want war? Receive war. However it is more pleasant to build, than to destroy.

Men and women look at the world as though different eyes. So occurs because female and men's organisms are differently arranged. The hormonal systems of floors are cardinally various.

Distinction of female and men's psychology

Male consciousness is arranged as the system of interrelations of objects is a clear, integral and clear picture.

Female consciousness perceives reality intuitively, at any given moment distinguishing and accenting separate details and interrelations for a situational ratio them with whole.

Such difference in approach to vital orientation causes instincts, interests, value systems and social and role priorities.

The behavior, the intellectual organization, aspirations, thoughts and acts of men and women are excellent that is caused and is biological, and socially (that is, execution of certain welfare roles it agrees to the archetypic models accepted in this community).

Women more men are interested in communication, in interaction, emotional exchange, cooperation, love and to creation of harmony.

Men, as a rule, are concentrated on achievement of a specific goal (unlike women, often they do not represent what will be done after achievement).

Women are strongly interested, naturally, potentially possible succession of events. Interacting with men, women seek to provide possible models of future situations which can arise at certain stages of action. Undoubtedly, women better than men are able to settle that is called.

Many men, understanding and feeling in practice, also the interaction hot topic with women is how difficult, ask questions like "how to understand female psychology?" The aspiration to understand, of course, – remarkable line of mind of the developed and well-mannered person. However when it comes to features of female psychology, habitual schemes and receptions of intellectual

the actions based generally on logical representations, often are inefficient. What to do?

To observe, analyze and draw conclusions.

Secrets of female psychology for men

To understand the woman, it is necessary to feel rather, than to understand intellectually. Interacting with the man, the woman often looks for empathy, at least, of participation in "game". It is possible to be fond of empathy and participation only till a time yes too time because if the man plays" – loss of control can be blamed to it. At women the intuition, as a rule, is well developed, and, do not doubt, they, not too deeply thinking, will use all the artistic opportunities (which are caused by evolution) to receive from you that it is necessary for them. And they need usually, at least, all – that is, full participation in a game with preservation of control and responsibility (I believe, many men from women need almost the same).

Women, as a rule, are demonstrative, emotional and contradictory. It is almost impossible to agree with them at the intellectual level and if it is possible, then it is necessary to do all this time, concerning any trifle. Most likely, if women behaved differently (for example, just as men) it would become boring for us (or it is even intolerable). Therefore if you interact with the woman, forget about any rules and the principles – they will only disturb you. It is, of course, not an appeal unworthy to behave. The man has to have the expressed core of the personality (or a kernel?). Actually, it interests women in men and attracts them. A kernel of the personality are a mind and strength of the man.

Well and still, we remember that women want participation therefore it is necessary to be able to listen to them and to say about what is interesting to them. So be precautionary, attentive and benevolent (and sometimes and are indulgent). But do not forget to hold control and if that "to hold blow", we are after all men. The last: you smile more often and treat everything (including, and yourself) with humour.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team