Floating solar power stations

Floating solar power stations

many advantages, solar power systems have two essential shortcomings. First, their installation provides huge territories. Secondly, they are very expensive technology. To get rid of these shortcomings, it was decided to build a prototype of floating solar power station.

Today even the advanced photo-electric companies experience considerable difficulties with search of svodobny places for solar installations. Therefore placement of power plants on water is the most optimal solution. In addition, it is planned to choose only those reservoirs which are already used in the industrial purposes. It will allow isklyuchitnegativny influence on an ecosystem and natural landscapes.

To provide the small cost of floating solar power plant of an ismogla due to several transformations. First, thanks to the system of concoction of solar energy on the basis of mirrors, developers reduced quantity of the used photo cells, having kept at the same time the volume of the developed energy. Secondly, water works as the estsestvenny cooling system therefore use of silicon solar elements became possible.

For improvement of efficiency and competitiveness of new technology the system was developed taking into account installation on one platform of a set of modules. Each module makes the standard volume of the electric power in 200 kW. By means of installation of additional modules the achievement of bigger power is possible.

Still the structure of the station provides penetration into water of the oxygen necessary for activity of inhabitants of the underwater world. Consequences of new technology on the environment very much concern creators, and it and will watch closely safety of power plant for the world around.

Tests of a prototype of floating solar power station there will undergo nine months. For this term the researchers plan to check effectiveness of work of the station depending on seasonal various water levels of a kolebaniya. Founders of this station are sure of success and expect to begin mass production right after completion of tests.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team