For the liberated girls: how to learn it is beautiful to dance a striptease

For the liberated girls: how to learn it is beautiful to dance a striptease

Female representatives know a word meaning "striptease". However having heard it, begin to feel awkward. To master the equipment of a striptease not so difficult. "passionate dance" makes this the woman the true goddess, and just dements men.

Girls are very gentle and living, beautiful and sexy things. They want to tempt men. All women, as a rule, dream to come under the spotlight, to be allocated with the feature, the charisma and femininity. For this purpose girls are also created to feel, love and be favourite.

Practical each girl at least once represented herself as the dancer of a striptease. And even if many at least once imagined themselves as the dancer of a stripdens with sensuality elements on the stage of night club at a pole, the considerable number of girls would not refuse to do it in romantic house atmosphere for the darling and the only man.

To learn to dance love dance a striptease absolutely not easy. The main ability depends not only on you here, and on plasticity of a body and also its ability to maintain loadings.

The plasticity of a body often depends on weight and vigor of a female body. But it is possible to gain plasticity even if you have no faultless data for personal age and you cannot learn to develop ordinary "bridge" in any way. The main thing – be not upset as in achievement of the goal the basic – desire, and the rest will be put. In order that it is beautiful to undress, it is necessary to put on correctly. The men's white shirt, a men's tie, stockings, beautiful lace lingerie will be a great option. It is also good to use a short skirt and a blouse on buttons. You can use a hat. Heels surely. During execution of dance do not undress completely, keep an intrigue, you keep the partner in nervousness. Jewelry or stockings will hold tension till the end. If you can undress, at the same time looking at yourself in a mirror to the utmost and having never turned the head, can consider that you are ready to a striptease.

During a striptease try to move smoothly, slowly. So both of you derive pleasure. You hold the head above.

Pick up the erotic and weakening song. You can use songs from movies where actresses execute a striptease (for example, "9.5 weeks"). Create an erotic situation. Turn on the soft muffled light, put 2 chairs at distance of 2 m from each other. Put the man on 1 chair, tie with a scarf to it eyes and leave one for a while. Having returned, connect behind the back of his hand, gently tell on an ear that now it is better for it not to move, then remove a bandage. Sit down on the second chair before it and smoothly run over the body hands. Part legs that it could glance to you under a skirt. Further squeeze the breast hands and slowly carry out by language on lips. You look to it in the face. Without ceasing to dance, approach it and undo a shirt. Continuing to move, turn to it a back, shaking it is sexual hips. Then begin to remove top, continuing to stand to the partner a back. Having turned to it, cover a breast with one hand. Then again turn to darling a back and take off from yourself underwear, but leave a skirt. Practice to make all these nuances high-heeled and in front of the mirror that during erotic dance accidentally not to fall and everything not to spoil. You can use video trainings better to master the equipment of a stripdens and it is pleasant to surprise the young man.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team