For what children are necessary

For what children are necessary

Daily kids are born, but not always their parents are ready to their birth psychologically. Not all know for what children are necessary and life with their emergence will how considerably change.

Only several decades ago such question was not brought up in principle as presence of the child in family, and is desirable two, was considered self-evident. Felt sorry for those who lived without children, considering fruitless. The thought of conscious lack of desire to have the child was considered as nearly immoral.

Today many think of that why children are necessary long before deciding on their conception. Especially it concerns the first child as when in family there are already children, the answer to this question is given much easier - to them is to what to compare.

It is only difficult to convince the modern person the fact that reproduction is peculiar to any living beings. The instinct of reproduction is present also at people, but conscious approach to it distinguishes from animals. Often children are not brought just because have no desire something to sacrifice. And even if to consider those who refuse the birth of children the egoists living only for themselves it does not affect quality of life of the last in any way. To give birth to the child only because at all is or it is already time on age – too not the best idea. Therefore the motive has to be more serious. Some people consider that children are good help in old age and consider their birth as a long-term investment. But it is not absolutely right. There is a mass of examples of how the own children do not care for elderly parents whereas childless pensioners feel remarkably. At the level of psychology many couples seek to bring the child because he does family of fuller, allowing to pass to other social step. Really, the child rallies spouses and gives the chance to see family life on the other hand. But if in the relations not everything is safe, then you should not count that thus it will be possible to solve all difficulties. To exercise in a problem of most judgment whether children are necessary, leaning on love for them. It is difficult to compare happiness from the first children's smile on depth to the most expensive material benefits. Children demand much, but not smaller and give to the parents. Therefore the birth of the child can be considered not only the highest miracle, but also the most great happiness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team