Freedom and marriage

Freedom and marriage

Very often on holidays wish us good luck in private life. And here the thought involuntarily begins to creep in: what can be private life and freedom when you are already family person? Actually everything is very simple.

At first stop to confuse two feelings among themselves. The love is one, and here the dependence is absolutely another. The love never means to die on other person, and to store spiritual thread with your partner. When the person is in dependence he is not free. And here the true love – on the contrary, keeps freedom in the relations with the partner.

To get out of the dependent relations very difficult, it is possible to tell even it is impossible. It is necessary to reconstruct the relations on more adult level. It is necessary to remember that marriage is not prison. An essence not in imprisoning each other, and in addition and harmony of each other. Therefore the biggest delusion – to think that after the wedding it is possible to say goodbye to private life forever. If there is such situation, then most likely you do not suit one another.For what in general to start a family that then it is constant to complain as far as everything is bad in your life? It would seem, both went on this step consciously, and it appeared absolutely on the contrary. If we bind all the interests and concepts in one person, then through time we will feel dissatisfaction.

Each of partners has to satisfy the requirements. Because nobody else is fully not capable to make it. The most frequent reason of crisis in families, as a rule, because people more with anybody do not communicate and chained each other to themselves. From here all problems in family follow. It is necessary to develop, communicate with neighbors, friends and fellow workers. To go to cafe, parks and to travel. You bring joy and a variety in the relations.

Know that the person has only one life and as he it will live, depends only on it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team