Gadgets and children

Gadgets and children

Children often ask to play with them, sticking with small fingers into the screen literally for hours, either just playing, or over and over again reconsidering modern toons. It would seem that here it? The child develops motility, attention, studies and with interest develops. But, as we know, good has to be moderately too.

Children's psychologists express opinion that up to three years in general you should not admit kids to gadgets, turning on even the TV. These modern devices carry away kids to the world of ease where everything is solved only pressing of the button, but there is also real life in which, alas, everything is not so easy and much needs to try to learn.

If to speak about harm, then glut the equipment at children's age affects everything: on sight, a bearing, character as the gadget becomes the frequent cause of quarrels and hysterics. The psychiatrist for a competent explanation of the fact that gadgets demand control will help in this case and have to be used by children no more than an hour a day. When the child only for a while plunged into the world of virtual reality, several absolutely simple rules which should be remembered will pull out it.

If you like to use various novelties of advanced technologies, then and your kid will arrive also. Children, as we know, completely copy behavior of adults. Do you want to spend day without the equipment? Make it the general family tradition.

In virtual reality the kid feels like the pro, he feels success and derives from it pleasure maximum, so try to simulate its success in reality. For example, having given in in board game.

Your child should leave a minimum of free time, occupying it with various hobbies, besides electronics.

It is tabooed all insults of any gadgets and applications from your lips. If it is important for your child, then it has to be also important also for you. We remember safety, installations of various programs of control, precaution and blocking.

More often do so that your kid for a while forgot about game devices and was let together with you in a surprising travel according to pages of books, or looked for a new clearing in the next forest. If decide to go to walk by the company, then warn other parents that gadgets should be postponed so far.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team