Good figure - everything that is pleasant to men?

Good figure - everything that is pleasant to men?

Some girls do everything to be pleasant to men, but, unfortunately, are not able to do at them success., It seems, and the figure good, is also dressed beautifully, but, something males do not run on such "tidbit". It appears, the beautiful figure is not everything that is pleasant to men.

External data: in everything there has to be a measure

Of course, meet the person on clothes therefore the girl respecting herself needs to keep the figure after all, but besides a figure, she also should put on beautifully: to competently emphasize advantages of the figure and to hide its shortcomings. The clothes not necessarily have to be signature and expensive, the main thing that it was clean, tidy and appropriate. Excessively calling squads cause in men only one. To be vulgarly dressed - does not mean, to be pleasant to the man. Same concerns also a make-up. Cosmetics tons, maybe, will hide some shortcomings, but will definitely not betray beauty. Men will give preference to not made up girl as they will not need to guess what disappears under a thick cover of a make-up.

Most often, having seen densely made up girl, men begin to think at once that, time is so strongly painted, ugly means.

What else is pleasant to men in women, except a figure

Besides a figure the girl has to have also other advantages. Agree, the beautiful wrapper with emptiness is necessary to nobody inside. With the girl it has to be interesting, she has to be able to participate actively in a conversation, to be versatily developed, to have the opinion and to be able to defend it.

The man needs to be able to be interested, and, not only the body.

But also intelligence of the girl - that is not all. Men are greedy for appearance, and, often, for a beautiful face and a good figure they are ready to tolerate near mind. But any man will not begin to stand not well-groomed and careless girl. Men love purity. If the girl is slovenly, seldom washes, indifferent to the appearance, can walk week in the same dirty jeans, wait for courtesies from men is useless. At the instinctive level the man chooses the girl who will be good in housekeeping, will be able to keep clean and housing, and himself, both children, and the man. For this reason it is possible to tell safely that the beautiful figure is not the only thing that is pleasant to men. Besides all above-mentioned, girls have to be charming and attractive. It is necessary not to forget that couple is intended to almost each person therefore if you did not meet still the man, that means one and only vstretisya to you a little later also.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team